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Our Services Include...

Residential Treatment

A Safe and Sober space to work through addiction.

12-Step Modality

The tried and true method of principles and peer support to find and follow a path to sobriety.


Recovery starts with a safe and monitored detoxification of substances and alcohol.

Partial Hospitalization

An option for those who have gone through our residential treatment plan.

Recovery through nature

It's Time!!!

Addiction is a hopeless state of mind and body. Often the feeling of hopelessness is so strong. You are not alone and we are here to guide you to your happiness. You are a short conversation away from a sense of security. 

Take The Steps to a New Life

The Villa Treatment center is hope. Hope that you can be restored to a happy, healthy and productive life. With our guidance and your diligence, we will set you on a path to a brilliant future that had once seemed out of reach. 

Client Testimonials

The Villa has genuinely changed my life. I was given the gift of hope, a new outlook, and a second lease on life as a direct result of the treatment provided by The Villa. I had previously gone through multiple treatment programs, with no lasting remission like I have found from the caring staff at The Villa. My life has come back together in ways I never could have imagined. I wish I could utilize names and personally thank the staff, as they have very literally saved my life (and so much more). Please, if you struggle with addiction come meet them for yourself and see that there is hope and there are centers that truly care about us.
Pat M.
I would like thank the villa treatment for everything they did for me I would highly recommend if you have a loved struggling the battle of addiction it was an amazing place the staff was awesome it’s saved my life I am coming up on 3 years sober have a 2 year old daughter and another kid on the way thanks
Tyler B.
I am very grateful for The Villa Treatment Center for giving me the right treatment that I need. Also, I am very grateful for the management, the staff, and the therapists for giving me their best service for me to stay sober and clean, also take care of my mental health. I’ve been sober for over a year already and this is because of The Villa Treatment Center. I will highly recommend The Villa Treatment Center to the people that want to change their lives and get the right treatment
Sarkis S.

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The Villa is Accredited by The Joint Commission  The Villa Treatment Center is Accredited by The Joint Commission