Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at The Villa Treatment Center is simple: to provide each and every client with an all-encompassing path to recovery, while simultaneously healing the mind, body, and spirit. Our methods range from time-tested to the new and innovative.

Our goal is to provide a calming and supportive environment to each person, helping them to realize their own strength to fight addiction and dependencies on drugs and alcohol. We vow to care for each client from the moment they enter our door to long after they leave treatment. When you enter our program you are not just going to treatment, you become part of an extended sober community.

Holistic. Supportive. Connection

We know that any individual seeking treatment with us has arrived at a point where substance abuse is significantly negatively impacting their lives. Perhaps relationships have been sorely damaged, families are in disarray, the person cannot hold onto a job, mental and/or physical health has been impaired, or one’s quality of living has suffered dramatically. Addiction can stem from a number of things: concurring mental health issues, trauma, outside factors, environmental or natural factors, etc.

Our addiction program was founded on the idea that connecting the mind, body, and spirit from a holistic and integrative evidence-based perspective, would bring light to the connection between addiction and the individual. We want to help our clients work through all the issues that are causing this dependency and help them to reconnect with themselves as individuals, thereby reconnecting with their families, friends, and a healthier lifestyle.


First and foremost, we believe in our clients. We move beyond traditional treatments into a transcendental space that cultivates discovery, exploration, and individuality, all supported by a group of people on the same journey of recovery.

Many of our staff here at The Villa Treatment Center have experienced the ravages of addiction firsthand, have undergone their own recovery treatment and recovery process, and continue to practice recovery in their daily lives. We believe recovery is possible because not only do we see it, but we live it every single day. Our founder has over twenty-three years of recovery and embodies our living philosophy.

Here at The Villa Treatment Center, we provide the missing pieces of the puzzle to those searching for real solutions. Our center is built around the idea that in order to create a peaceful and inspiring place for recovery to manifest, every individual needs a good base of support and skills to manage it. Our holistic approach to recovery allows for personal growth and self-expression. Every recovering individual can find something new, innovative and proven to help ease the emotional stresses involved with addiction.

If you or someone you care for is looking for a dynamic treatment program that moves beyond basic recovery treatment, call us today at The Villa Treatment Center and see what our program has to offer.