Opiates Addiction Detox & Treatment

Opiates Addiction Detox & Treatment – The Villa Treatment Center understands that this can be a difficult time for all coming into a treatment program if you have been confronted with the idea of substance or prescription opiate addiction by your loved ones. Many clients that come through our facility for opiate dependence treatment are ashamed and fearful for a variety of reasons.

There is no need to be afraid of treatment as we offer a set of individualized treatment plans that can help your recovery from the abuse of opiates successfully.

Opiates are Highly Abused

Many people have heard of the term opiate, but not everyone is familiar with what prescription opiates are. Opiates are more commonly known as pain medications. There are a wide variety of pain medications that become available to help those dealing with debilitating painful sensations that can make their lives nonfunctional. Although these opiates are created to help the general population manage their pain and allow them to live their lives free of it, the overuse of these drugs with either increased pain or tolerance development is dangerous. As the body gets used to these numbing pain medications, the liver processes these drugs, and chemical receptors in the body can grow, increasing the need of these stimulants.

Unfortunately, the problem with overconsumption of these opiates comes from the often pleasurable side effects that can come with increased use as well. Opiates are known for their ability to cause feelings of euphoria, feelings of exaggerated happiness that is nearly impossible to compare to reality. When these drugs are removed from the system, opiate addicts will feel like reality can no longer measure up to the feelings the drugs have produced. Many of those addicted to heroin, morphine, Oxycontin and Vicodin exhibit this sensational withdrawal and have a difficult time readjusting.

Because of their ability to become addictive, there have been many points in history where the drug was banned from use from treatments and recreational use. The increasingly high chance that someone will overdose when consuming an opiate puts this drug at the top of the list for highly monitored medically used drugs. Since the banning of pure opiates from society for recreational use, there have been medical advances to create alternative forms of opiates. Opiates began as a treatment for pain relief since they mimic some of the body’s naturally created pain reducers. Unfortunately, because of their other pleasurable effects apart from removing pain they have become increasingly abused within hospitals and clinics as well.

The most common medically prescribed and abused drugs in the opiate class:

  • Morphine
  • Oxycodone
  • Tramadol
  • Hydrocodone
  • Hydromorphone

Opiates are made naturally from poppy plants, and the production of this drug and all its derivatives of it are mass produced throughout the world. Places like the Middle East and other under-regulated countries are at highest risk for overdose and abuse of opiates. Many places ban the planting of these flowers because of their direct use for opiate production. When poppy plants are harvested, they are monitored and bred so as not to produce these drugs.

Addiction Forms Fast

With pain medications such as those that are prescribed or street drugs such as black tar heroin and impure forms of Oxycontin, these drugs start out as recreational drugs but become integrated into a daily routine. They are extremely dangerous because of the way that they interact or interfere with the nervous system and brain function. Since they lower the sensation of pain in the body, the pain receptors in the body that are governed by the brain are numbed. Because of the relationship with the brain stem and respiratory function, an overdose of opiates can cause the individual to stop breathing entirely. No one can ever say they know how much not to take when trying to produce these euphoric numbing feelings with these drugs, so it’s essential that this medication is managed if taken for pain.

First Step: Opiates Addiction Treatment

When you first check into The Villa Treatment Center for your opiate addiction, you will be safely assessed and brought into a custom detox plan to remove the harmful substance from your system. Our team of medical professionals will need to know every substance that is in your system at the time of detox to make sure your detox is managed safely and effectively. We will make the opiate detox process as comfortable as possible, and there is no need to worry. Once the substance is free from your body, you will be able to fully experience effective care and therapy.

Second Step: Opiate Rehabilitation Therapy

Our alternative therapies at The Villa will teach our clients about the sensory experiences that can enhance their moods to reduce feelings of anxiety and depression in a healthy way. Often addictions to opiates stem from the inability to find these natural calming moments, but we want you to know that this is possible. Talk therapy and equine therapy are highly recommended so that social interaction can begin and the discovery process can progress further.

Compassionate and safe care is waiting for you at The Villa Treatment Center. Let us help you remove your fear of substance dependence and find what beauty awaits you in life when you are free of opiate addiction.