Residential Treatment

Residential Treatment – At The Villa Treatment Center, we offer comprehensive and innovative treatment solutions from the earliest stage of diagnosis and detox, to setting you up with all the tools and resources necessary for you to lead a life free of addiction as you move forward.

The disease of addiction is complicated. It affects not only the body and mind but the spirit as well. To facilitate a successful recovery, all three aspects of the person must be addressed, healed, and united. Old attitudes and behaviors must be abandoned and replaced with new, healthier thought processes and actions. Our residential treatment program is a full-service treatment center with round-the-clock care. Our program is customized for your own personal recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

By committing to treatment in our residential center, you can enjoy the luxury of private and semi-private rooms, 24-hour support from our staff, beautiful surroundings, a gorgeous pool and hot tub, and so much more at your disposal. At The Villa Treatment Center, our home is your home; we want your treatment to feel comfortable, supported, and safe.

Residential Treatment – Inpatient Care

Inpatient care is the best option for those struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. Inpatient care offers a full medically supervised recovery process, and treatment services day and night. Inpatient care ensures the greatest chance of success for those seeking to recover from addiction.

Give yourself an opportunity to step away from your daily routine and focus on your own healing. By separating yourself from the parts of your daily life that draw you to your addiction, you can learn how to move beyond those habits and introduce a new routine to your body and mind. By focusing on your recovery fully and committing yourself to your physical, mental, and spiritual health, you can create for yourself a tool kit for success upon leaving our program.

Our treatment program offers proven successful methods combined with new and innovative therapeutic techniques, allowing you to experience the full spectrum of treatment options and find what best suits you. Our staff is compassionate, understanding, and fully comprehends the recovery process as they have experienced it in their own life.

Mental Health – Residential Treatment

When you begin our program, we will guide you through a full mental health assessment and diagnose any related issues that may be concurrent with addiction. This assessment and diagnosis will allow our highly experienced staff and clinical personnel to get to the core issues associated with your addiction.

Treating addiction properly requires understanding the outside factors and mental state of the individual that leads to the onset of addiction. It’s important that this approach is fully integrated so that we can work through the mindset of addictive behaviors and understand how we can better reposition thinking toward a loving, supportive outlook on recovery.

The next step is to provide fully supervised detoxification from drug and alcohol substances that can inhibit the healing process of the body and mind. Addictive substances alter the mind state of the individual. To clear the path to recovery we must expel harmful substances that cloud judgment and poison the body. Our trained staff is experienced will all levels of care and types of substance abuse detoxification to get you through the experience safely and effectively.

After the detoxification process, it’s essential that each individual is given one-on-one focused counseling sessions. We start with individual counseling so that each person can communicate his or her feelings in a comforting and personal environment. Our program offers a gradual integration into group counseling and skill-building activities for peer support.

The residential program offers all the skills and treatment options you need to begin rebuilding your life and move forward through your recovery. We know that reaching out your hand and asking for help is not easy. Sometimes deciding to make a major life change – even a positive one – can be frightening. Step inside our little paradise at The Villa Treatment Center and fully embrace the possibilities that come with our residential living program. We believe in you and support you every step of the way.

If residential treatment is an option you are considering for your recovery, contact us at The Villa Treatment Center today. Our supportive staff is always willing to discuss any of your concerns, answer any of your questions. and guide you through enrolling in our program. We would love to help you escape the horror of active addiction and give you the opportunity for hope, change, and true recovery.

Call The Villa Treatment Center at 1-818-639-7160 to speak to our intake team.