Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Cocaine Addiction Treatment – As a highly-addictive stimulant, cocaine can cause many short and long-term effects that will negatively impact the physical health and mental well-being of the user. For those who are addicted to cocaine and looking for a path toward recovery, The Villa Treatment Center offers a variety of rehabilitation solutions for clients from California and around the country. We provide a residential sober community devoted to your overall welfare, and we implement cocaine treatment options that are designed to align with you as an individual.

What is Cocaine Addiction?

Cocaine is typically administered to the body by injection, inhalation, or oral consumption. Each mode of consumption varies in its level of intensity, with intravenous use being the most direct path to an intense and euphoric high. It targets the brain specifically and alters the way in which it typically performs. The variation in brain structure and function is essentially what leads to addictive behavior and escalated drug use.

Cocaine affects dopamine levels in the brain, which is a chemical produced when people participate in enjoyable behavior. When pleasurable activity is performed, dopamine is released into a neuron’s synapse where it is absorbed by dopamine receptors. Any additional dopamine in the synapse is recycled. The drug manipulates the brain’s reuptake of dopamine by blocking the recycling process, leaving dopamine to accumulate in the synapse. This increase in dopamine is what causes the intense euphoria associated with cocaine use.

Addiction to cocaine and other substances occurs when the brain’s reward system becomes so skewed that it reduces the amount of dopamine it produces naturally, causing tolerance to the drug and resulting in users increasing their dosage in order to achieve an intense high. Although this binge-like behavior works to continue cocaine’s pleasurable effects, it also raises the chances of physical and psychological issues that stem from drug use.

The Effects of Cocaine Abuse

Cocaine produces excessive talkativeness, energy, and alertness in users, and these emotions occur almost immediately after the drug is administered. The effects, however, are short-lived and will normally subside within an hour, leading users to seek the drug continually to maintain their high. As individuals abuse cocaine, short-term effects like increased blood pressure and rapid heart rate, as well as irritable and erratic behavior develop. When the drug wears off, depression and intense cravings can ensue.

After long-term use of cocaine users may experience:

  • Psychotic behavior
  • Hallucinations
  • Severe depression or anxiety
  • Loss of appetite
  • Insomnia

Long-term physical issues may arise and can include permanent damage to the blood vessels, heart, lungs, and other major organs. Depending on the method of use, respiratory problems may develop as well as infection and the destruction of nasal tissue if inhaled. Brain damage will occur when it can no longer process chemicals effectively. Since the brain is unable to produce rewarding feelings for everyday stimuli due to cocaine use, it has to rely on the drug to replicate the same effect. Rehab at The Villa Treatment Center

When cocaine abuse has begun to impact everyday life and the lives of loved ones, it is time to seek help. At The Villa Treatment Center, we provide a comfortable and safe residential community for individuals suffering from cocaine addiction. Our certified and licensed counselors develop comprehensive treatment agendas that work with the unique goals of each resident. From cocaine detox to innovative holistic treatment methods, to building a sober support system, our path to recovery is proven and effective.

We practice dual diagnosis treatment, which is implemented with the understanding that mental health is a key influencer of drug use. Our methods target drug addiction and mental health simultaneously in hopes that residents gain a better understanding of themselves and use their knowledge to facilitate rehabilitation from addictions to cocaine and other substances. Detoxification alone is not enough to treat drug dependence; evidence-based therapy and an organized therapeutic environment are necessary for combating the disorder.

Our process begins with cocaine detox treatment, which is performed in various ways depending on the specifics of your addiction. Afterward, you will transition into a treatment program where you will undergo therapy that best addresses your specific issues. Our paths include Cognitive-Behavioral, family, and emotional therapy, as well as more holistic approaches such as meditation, yoga, and music and art therapy.

Additionally, residents will participate in a 12-step modality, which breaks down the road to recovery from cocaine dependence into digestible steps and helps individuals take accountability for their actions. The goal is to find a way to repair the damage that has been done through drug use and find the power within to recover from addiction.

We offer a variety of treatment options so that our residents are able to recover in a way that is valuable to them. Each resident is presented with a choice of treatment but is expected to take the program seriously and work diligently towards their recovery. With the help of The Villa community, residents will find the support they need to end their cocaine abuse.

If you would like more information about our luxurious rehab facility in Woodland Hills or the treatments we offer, please give us a call. We are here to answer the questions you have about cocaine addiction and the rehabilitation options available to you at the Villa Treatment Center.