We take pride in helping each client fully engage in the recovery process and give them the tools they need to achieve a successful life free of addiction. We stay connected with our clients and offer support groups long after treatment with us has ended to help them stay engaged and active in their newfound life of recovery. Check out our client testimonials and videos here.


All the staff at the Villa was very patient with me.I have to admit I was going though very hard time and I really thought that all hope was lost . What I found at the villa treatment center was a new sense of aspiration and a new found desire to be the woman I new I could be .  My life has changed and I am proud of myself today and believe that I now have a future.

-W.P. Burbank, CA


The Villa gave me my life back and continue to do so months after coming home. The staff and facilitators are wonderful and work to get you back to health and get in touch with why we are addicted in the first place. Not only did I get my life back, I was able to bring my 2 dogs with me. Everyone helped take care of them, until I could get back on my feet. If you are looking to stop with the insanity of addiction and your life is out of control, take my advice and look no further…. The Villa will completely help you get and stay back on your feet. Thank you so much Georgia…. You are an amazing spirit.

-R.S. Los Angeles, CA

A close friends life was saved by this place and staff. I can’t thank them enough! He had nothing but great things to say about the staff and counsellors. His recovery has been ongoing for years and if he tells me that this place has made a major life change for him it must be an amazing place!

-B.K. Mansfield, OH


Not only is the place super sick AF haha but the people there are truly amazing. From the time I walked in there to the time I completed Treatment they have always treated me like family . I feel like they went above and beyond for me as well as for others and showed with there actions that it was more then just a paycheck. That they really cared about my achievements and still loved me despite my many flaws. This place saved my Fuccin Life . They made me a better person a better friend a better mother a better me and for that I’m grateful . There are many places one can get Treatment but I’m not sure if they will get the kind that will last them a life time , like I received at The Villa. They say the only thing you have to change is everything and going to the Villa helped me to achieve that. It changed my Spirit it changed my Soul and helped bring bacc the me I’ve longed for. For the folks who suffer from addiction and if your like me , suffer from past life experiences  that helped get you to the place your at now I recommend the Villa Treatment center. It changed my life it can change yours as long as you willing.

-A.A. Los Angeles, CA

Where do I begin? This has been my third treatment experience since 2013 and the villa is by far the best experience I’ve had. The staff at the villa not only cares about saving your life they bend over backwards to make it comfortable while you stay there. I came into treatment back in July 2015 due to a horrible relapse. I had till 5 pm on that Monday to leave my apartment and find another place to live. I made a phone call and was picked up within a hour of that phone call taking place. Once I arrived I was taken to the doctor immediately to get checked out and be place on detox medication. As I stated earlier the villa is all about you being comfortable during your time there. This company is filled with professionals from technicians all the way to ownership. I have never felt more cared for and welcomed at any other treatment center I have been at since I started to try and stay sober. The structure is fantastic because majority of the staff there has been through similar situations that us as addicts and alcoholics have been through. Which means all of the groups and therapy they offer really hits home and helps tremendously. I was suffering from anxiety, anger, and depression before I checked in and 7 months later I no longer have an issue with those 3 because of the tools and coping skills learned during my stay. A typical day at the villa starts out with morning readings, delicious breakfast, groups/therapy,activities,lunch, reflecting time, dinner , and to cap it off with a 12 step meeting. That is what rehab should be , not laying in bed all day watching tv. After about 2 weeks of being a client the treatment team will start to help you with job search, resume, and your exit plan. I strongly recommend you taking advantage of all the stages the villa has to offer 1.detox 2. Residential treament 3. PHP/IOP 4. Sober living. Now that’s what I call powerhouse treatment!! Not to mention all of the facilities are beautiful and are well maintained. I have never experienced houses like this since I started treatment programs. I enjoyed the villa so much I later started working as a technician. The team we have to this date is just fantastic. I have made some lifetime friends and learned so much that I have no reason not to stick around and continue to grow as a human/ employee. Families that currently have someone suffering from this disease please consider the villa when browsing treatment .. You will not be disappointed!!

-Eric G. West Creek, NJ