Marijuana Addiction Treatment

It is a common misconception that marijuana is not addictive. In reality, any mind-altering substance can become addictive to an individual with a predisposition for addiction. Factors such as genetics, family life, and mental health, contribute to one’s propensity to develop a substance abuse problem such as an addiction to marijuana or cannabis.

At The Villa Treatment Center, we take every substance addiction seriously and strive to educate our clients, potential clients, and family members about these addictions and the detrimental impact on their lives. We offer a series of addiction treatment options for everything from alcohol, cocaine, prescription drugs, methadone, opiates, suboxone, amphetamines, and even marijuana. Marijuana addiction is a very real thing. It’s important to understand that at The Villa Treatment Center, we want to help you remove this dependency on marijuana and other substances safely. Effective marijuana addiction treatment requires a strategic look into all aspects of a person’s life, psyche, environment, and previous recovery attempts.

Marijuana Can Cause Impairment, Mentally, and Physically

In addition to the cardiovascular and respiratory issues that are associated with the abuse of marijuana, there are mental inhibitions that come with high dosages of THC. Those who smoke or ingest the drug may be unaware of these side effects as they assume they will not suffer from slowed movement or reaction time. The brain’s processing is slowed and altered, which can lead to potentially catastrophic consequences for anyone driving under the influence of marijuana.

Marijuana addiction has remained relatively steady over the last few decades. It is known that those who use at a younger age have a greater chance to become dependent through adulthood. Stress, anxiety, and depression are highly linked with this drug as well, which serves to belie the fallacy that the drug is a solution to those problems and not merely a means to mask them.

How to Treat Marijuana Addiction?

Addiction to Marijuana can be treated in a specified substance abuse treatment facility and detox center. Detox is necessary because the effects of the drug and withdrawal need to be addressed before moving forward with any marijuana addiction treatment plan. It’s often difficult for family members to realize addiction is happening to their loved ones, and it’s even more difficult for them to finally remove them from the temptation.

Marijuana is readily available all over the world. In order for an individual to completely recover and get the help to break their marijuana addiction, they need to be admitted into a live-in or residential treatment center with a no-tolerance policy. The habit can be treated with lifestyle changes and therapy sessions to address the mental health conditions that are causing the need for this drug to be abused.

At The Villa Treatment Center, we understand the need to reduce dependency on marijuana is just as important as any other substance and have developed treatment plans specifically designed to help lessen marijuana dependence. Working closely with clients, we look strategically at lifestyle, psychological profiles, environments, and previous recovery attempts to create a personalized treatment plan that addresses not only addiction but its underlying causes.

We invite prospective clients to speak with our expert drug counselors and intake team to learn about our model of marijuana addiction treatment, and then take an in-person tour of our scenic Woodland Hills, CA treatment and rehabilitation center to see treatment firsthand.

Join us and surround yourself with people on the same journey of recovery. Call The Villa Treatment Center today for more information.