10 Things You Don’t Know About Rehab

10 Things You Don’t Know About Rehab

Most, if not all, individuals who go to rehab struggle with the decision.Going into rehab signals giving up control which is very difficult for a person coming out of addiction. It is not something to dread or fear as rehab offers many benefits and opportunities to live a life that is clean, sober and fulfilling. The fear of the unknown can make going to rehab difficult but it is possible to move past it by learning what to expect about rehab.


  1. Personal items will be sorted through

A person at the rehab facility will empty out whatever bag is brought to search for contraband. Another individual will pat down a person’s clothing, confiscate the cellphone and nail clippers. A strip search may be conducted to make absolutely sure no drugs or other paraphernalia make it into the facility.


  1. Freedom takes time

No phone calls can be made or received the first week. The following few weeks will permit more freedoms. Taking a wrong step can result in further restriction of freedom. Rules are there to protect an individual and others but can feel overly restrictive at first.


  1. Choose friends wisely

The goal is to get better, not find people like those on the outside. Focus on getting sober and be careful to choose friends and acquaintances wisely.


  1. Food is alright

A big surprise may be just how good the food is that is served. Small things add up and provide something to look forward to while in rehab.


  1. Alone time is at a premium

Time to oneself is extremely important but most places put people in a room with another person. Staff may see alone time as isolating oneself during treatment so it is usually discouraged and people will rarely have alone time.


  1. Weekends

Professional staff go home to be with families and less structure is provided on weekends. Weekend staff will fill in and some field trips might take place as a group which can be good or bad depending how much a person enjoys the company of others.


  1. Nothing gets by staff

People in charge have seen and heard it all. This requires total honesty on the part of the individuals in rehab because staff are not there to be manipulated, in spite of how it was on the outside.


  1. Role-plays

Role-plays happen quite often which is part of the recovery process. It can be challenging for some people but is an essential part of the journey of inner healing.


  1. Get used to meetings

Many rehabs are 12-step based. Local groups may be toured while an individual is in rehab to promote positive ways to stay clean. Humility is a key part of recovery.


  1. Rehab helps

Going to rehab will help build a life away from drugs or alcohol. The individual attending rehab must commit to the process and be focused on getting better.


Rehab is not a prison sentence, it is a lifeline. Call us to find out how we can support your journey of healing and hope for a better future, free of substances.