positivity and growth

3 Ways to Build a Positive Mindset

A positive attitude goes a long way towards making everything easier. When a person has a positive attitude, the ups and downs of life are easier to deal with. Cultivate positivity by building a mindset focused on the three basic principles.

Remain in Control

Attitude does not emerge from what happens to a person but instead of how a person interprets situations that occur. A person may receive the same gift as another yet the reaction is completely different. It all comes down to mindset and how an individual decides to roll with what happens versus try and take control. An attitude of gratitude goes a long way to helping shift the mindset from negative to positive.

Adopt Beliefs That Frame Events Positively

Beliefs and rules about life and work determine how a person interprets events. Deciding to adopt ‘strong beliefs’ regarding a good attitude rather than a bad one are more helpful. Framing works in the following ways:

  • A circumstance comes up with challenges an individual’s sobriety. An individual with a negative mindset might stay weakness is part of being human and give into cravings. An individual with a positive mindset may reframe the situation to focus on why staying sober is more important than giving into cravings and walk away
  • Life has become too stressful to handle without the use of drugs or alcohol and temptation kicks in. A person with a negative mindset may focus on giving into temptation which will (temporarily) ease the discomfort he or she feels. A person with the long view of recovery and a positive mindset will focus on all the reasons why it i matters to stay sober and clean in that moment rather than give into temptation

For every situation which pops up to challenge sobriety, there will be a positive mental shift which can take place in the brain to reinterpret the circumstance differently. The best way to focus on a mindset shift is to ask oneself what is more important in the moment, giving in or walking away. Each time a person walks away from triggers or a craving it builds a positive attitude towards recovery as a whole.

Create a ‘library’ of Positive Thinking

Take time out of each and every day to read, view or listen to something inspirational or motivational. Doing this on a regular basis will promote positive thinking and give tools to support it as a lifestyle habit. It will take time practicing to make the shift stick, but it is worth the investment of time and effort to make sure sobriety is first ahead of everything else.


If you are struggling with sober living, The Villa provides support and information to guide you on your path to recovery. You do not have to do it alone, call us to find out how we can help you.