Sobriety and Happiness

4 Sober Truths About Giving Up Alcohol

Giving up alcohol is not an easy decision but it is one of the best decisions a person can make for increased overall health and vitality. Many reasons exist why a person gives up drinking but some hard truths also go along with sober living. Find out why the four sober truths about giving up drinking are not quite as harsh as people think and how to learn to let go and enjoy sobriety.

Booze and Weight Gain

When people drink, it is common to let things like exercise and healthy eating go out the window. Not only is alcohol empty calories but it also packs on the pounds and causes an increase in other body functions that promote weight gain. Often, a person with addiction may also be too drunk or hungover to workout and eat really horrible food when drinking. It is difficult to find motivation to move when suffering from headaches, lethargy or general malaise due to poor lifestyle choices and addiction to alcohol.

Exercise Increases Mood

Alcohol can make some people feel good but it can also make other people feel more down or angry. Within a few months of sobriety, an individual may feel up to working out again which promotes positive mental health benefits. Keeping a workout regimen as part of the daily routine can help curb a desire to drink, support healthy living goals and increase opportunities to meet new people as well as increase self-esteem.

Laws of Attraction

People who give up drinking may fear old friends, family and sober buddies will not find the individual entertaining to be around. Guys may fear women will not relate to a guy who does not drink and women may feel less able to be vulnerable and open without a drink. It all depends on the individual why he or she feels less attractive sober but it is not reality. The truth is, people are more attracted to the confidence and courage a person who is sober conveys. Others are less worried about past behavior than current and future behavioral patterns.

Sober Fun

Addiction makes drinking to excess feel like the most fun a person can have. Looking back from the lens of sobriety, an individual may fear not being able to have fun anymore or being viewed as fun to be around. Going to bed early and getting up to a whole day ahead can feel amazing in sobriety, versus staying out late and getting up hung over the next day. Then there is also knowing the choices being made are healthy and good (and recorded in memory versus forgotten after a night out).

Nothing is perfect, but sobriety is far from the drudgery some people may see it as being. Giving sobriety a chance is the first step to moving past addictive behavior towards a better, more interesting and healthy future.

Give sobriety a chance. Call The Villa to find out more on available programs and resources to support your journey to sober living.