steps to success

5 Tips to Maximize Potential

Doubting one’s own capacity for greatness is one challenge to individuals on the quest to maximize personal potential. Feelings of worthlessness and discontent can lead individuals to feel less capable of doing what it takes to reach goals and strive to be better. To achieve potential, people must find the strength and capabilities already present within a person’s heart and soul rather than seeking outside oneself in other people or things such as addiction.

Tapping Potential

When a person believes in the power residing in oneself, doubts start to fall away and the realization of possibility starts to set in. Here are five ideas to help build confidence in finding the potential that already resides within:

Pursuit of personal growth is a conscious choice

The decision to grow and change is a powerful tool which helps a person move forward. The decision starts with the following:

  • Decide to get started
  • Read books and blogs which stretch one’s own capacity
  • Attend seminars or other events for personal growth
  • Surround oneself with positive, life-affirming people

Set a goal to work toward

The feeling of aimlessness can happen when no concrete goals are written down in stone. Narrowing down what a person wants to accomplish helps point the compass towards the future. The point is to get specific about what a person wants to do and when for the most tangible results.

Take baby steps

Action is the antithesis to doubt. Taking small steps builds confidence and demonstrates to the mind actions speak louder than words. Having a goal to aim for leads to brainstorming how to achieve the goals. To get started:

  • Find people who achieved similar goals
  • Seek out and learn from the individuals
  • Acquire materials, some coaching or other resources to become informed of the ‘how’ to their approach
  • Seek out a mentor to accelerate growth

Keep a list of successes

Reminders of how far a person comes is important to noticing progress towards goals. A person is more likely to keep moving forward if it seems progress is happening. A success list can be a collection of accomplishments, no matter how big or small. Record things such as:

  • Completed tasks
  • Workouts for physical health
  • Goals met
  • Goals yet to achieve and steps completed as part of the larger goal

Set a benchmark

Accomplishments may seem small in light of the bigger picture. Don’t compare to other people as each individual has his or her own path. Set a benchmark and notice progress made towards that goal. Some progress further than others at a faster rate. Life is a marathon, not a sprint. Focus on personal goals and achievement to continue growing and moving forward. What matters, end of the day, is that a person keeps going through the storms and challenges rather than giving up. The tips provided can build a solid structure to form the basis of a solid plan towards achieving goals to maximize personal potential.


Don’t give up. If you are fighting addiction, call The Villa if you are struggling. We are here to provide support and resources to get you from where you are (active addiction) to where you want to be (recovery).