Tools for a Sober Life

5 Tools for a Sober Life

The addiction recovery process is a journey which lasts a lifetime. Success in sobriety is predicated on developing tools and collecting resources for living a healthy and happy life. Motivation is an important part of recovery. Without personal motivation to excel and become better, a person can be more susceptible to outside influences. Learn more about what tools help a person live a sober life and how to stay motivated through life’s challenges.

Sober Living

A person can overcome addiction by utilizing tools which promote positive change, awareness of consequences for poor decisions and a list of detailed goals. A commitment is required to stay motivated beyond addiction, treatment and into long term sobriety. Look at some of the motivational tips to keep in mind while on that road to recovery.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Take out a sheet of paper and draw a straight line down the middle to create two separate columns. On the left hand column, write down benefits of addiction. On the right hand column, write down what was lost as a result of addiction.The goal is to outline costs versus benefits long term. It may be helpful to carry the sheet of paper during early recovery and when faced with temptation. Pain and suffering of active addiction can motivate change for the better. Some questions to consider may include:

  • What did it cost financially?
  • What was the emotional cost?
  • What was lost socially due to addiction?
  • What (if anything) was gained while using drugs or alcohol?

Positive Social Interactions

Success stories from others who have been through addiction and recovery can reaffirm a person’s capability of success. Recovery goals are different for everyone but meeting and exceeding goals builds motivation to stay sober long term, particularly with the support of others who understand the journey.

Motivational Phrases

Explore some motivational phrases which inspire positive progress towards goals. Writing down or printing phrases to put around the house can provide a quick boost of encouragement to keep moving forward through challenging times.

Family Support

Family and friends have the ability to boost a person’s motivation through unconditional love and support. A person must feel internally motivated but having family backing to move forward can be helpful for the long journey of recovery.

Reward System

Recovery is not an event, it is a process which builds upon itself over time. Motivation long-term can feel daunting at first but creating a reward system helps. Set aside money or time to have a treat once in awhile. When a goal is met, have a moment of celebration to splurge on something sweet, a trip or anything which motivates to keep achieving goals.

Motivation is about mindset. Positive thinking goes a long way towards recovery. Utilize the tools mentioned above to get started on the journey.

Recovery tools are helpful but support is crucial during this challenging time. If you or a loved one are struggling with sobriety, all The Villa to find out how we can help make a difference. 1-818-639-7160.