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7 Ways to Stay Active This Winter

Winter weather can sometimes make working out less desirable and, frankly, some people want to be outside less when the days are darker and colder. Although it may seem easier to stay snuggled up in bed or indoors by the fire, the mind and body receive a boost from activity. Find some ways to keep active this winter, no matter how cold it gets outside.

Make the Most of It

Any person who wants to make the most of winter workouts can benefit from the following 7 ways which promote activity during the colder months:

Attitude Adjustment

Winter is not just about cold weather and warmer gear, it is a whole new season. Learning to embrace the time of year with new goals can help set up a person for success rather than failure. Reflect on the past and current goals then decide how to adjust accordingly and get moving!

Go Play

Getting enough energy to go outside when it is cold seems to take superhuman strength. Burn a few calories by playing indoors or outside. Playing does not feel like working out. Some tips include:

  • Making snow angels (burns 214 calories per hour)
  • Having a snowball fight (burns 319 calories per hour)
  • Building a snowman (285 calories burned per hour)
  • Ice skating indoors or outdoors to burn nearly 500 calories per hour

Try a New Sport

Take up a winter sport like skiing, snowshoeing or a group activity. Cold-weather workouts can be more fun when teamed up with others who enjoy being outside.

Get Creative at Home

The gym may be a hassle when it is cold but don’t let the weather be an excuse not to move. Work out in the comfort of home with a DVD or piece of small equipment like hand weights. Utilize online resources with free workouts to maximize results.

Try Something New

Sign up for a new class by joining an indoor sports league. Reignite motivation for fitness with indoor volleyball, dodgeball or a bootcamp class. Take tennis lessons or find friends to try a new yoga class. Having fun and learning something new may be the key to staying active when it is cold.

Set a Goal

Little goals can add up to a lot over time. If the goal is to lose weight, little things like getting out and walking every day or focusing on one achievement such as a pull-up can provide a stretch goal to reach towards. Once that is met, set a new goal to keep things fresh.

Get Excited

Focus on what is enjoyable about the season rather than the cold, miserable weather. Learn how to cook healthy foods in season, curl up with some healthy hot cocoa and a good book after a long work out and find ways to make the season exciting instead of daunting. Winter can be a wonderful time of year so learn to enjoy it for maximum results!


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