8 Quick Facts About Sex Addiction

Not all individuals who enjoy and seek out sex are really sex addicts. Not all individuals who enjoy and seek out sex are really sex addicts. Someone with a genuine sex addiction is characterized by a loss of control in regards to their relationship towards sex, multiple failed attempts to stop undesirable sexual behavior and a pattern of negative consequences, including anxiety and depression.

Different Types of Sexual Addiction

While there are no distinct categories, some different forms of sexual addiction are:

  • Prostitution
  • Pornography
  • Masturbation
  • Sadistic or masochistic behavior
  • Exhibitionism
  • Voyeurism

The Facts on Sex Addiction

  1. It is often a pattern followed by victims of childhood sexual abuse in an attempt to gain control over past trauma.
  2. Individuals who suffer from bi-polar disorder are more likely to engage to high risk sexual activities when they are in a manic state.
  3. Individuals who are severely confused about their sexual orientation are more likely to engage in compulsive sexual behavior.
  4. Intellectually delayed adolescents and young adults may develop a pattern of compulsive sexual behavior, because they haven’t developed an accurate understanding of healthy sexuality.
  5. Individuals who suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder are more likely to engage in harmful sexual activities, as it’s a pattern of self injurious behavior.
  6. If an individual has a sexual disorder like pedophilia or exhibitionism it is not necessary that they are a sexual addict. Some could be anti-social personalities.
  7. It is common for substance abusers to develop sexually addictive behavior. This can happen either when the individual is abusing a stimulant, or when they have quit abusing substances and have turned to sex as a substitute.
  8. Individuals who suffer from Dependent Personality Disorder can use sex to obtain love, and may base their identity on the relationship, thus becoming sexually addicted.

What to do about Sex Addiction?

There are many signs that indicate whether someone is addicted to sex, and they can be physical or emotional symptoms. It is crucial to know the debilitating effects of sexual addiction, and how it can be treated.

An individual who is sexually addicted must first learn to assume full responsibility for their actions. They can do this within a traditional 12 step program, or with a therapist. The primary focus of therapy for a sexual addict is to help them to identify effective ways to stop their unhealthy behavior, and thus reduce shame.

It is also important to learn the psychology behind an individual’s sexual behavior, that is, the sexual narrative. Uncovering and understanding the non sexual meaning behind the behavior can help the individual identify their needs and allow them to find alternative sources of satisfaction.

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