Legal Issues

Addiction in Our Prison System

Addiction is a disorder which can ravage a person’s life and lead to destruction of personal relationships, finances and livelihoods. Oftentimes, addiction also leads to legal challenges due to stealing, lying, cheating or using illegal substances. Learn more about the consequences of addiction and how it can lead to imprisonment.

Drug Addiction Consequences

When a person struggles with addiction, the easy way out is usually the only path that seems available. Many times drug and alcohol fuel days which create a hazy cloud and make the person feel good, until consequences hit. Afterwards, the hangovers, destruction, overdrawn accounts and more can lead to severe consequences such as incarceration. More than that, family and friends may feel let down by the erratic and irrational behavior exhibited while in active addiction.

Selfish Pursuits

The selfish pursuits a person seeks while in addiction can lead down some dark, winding roads. A person may come close to death or risk other people’s lives while addicted to drugs or alcohol. Drug-seeking behavior can be dangerous for many reasons but it may also lead a person to jail or prison. When using drugs or alcohol, a person rarely even thinks about consequences, let alone legal issues. A legal issue which results in going to jail or prison can follow a person for a lifetime due to a criminal record. Employment opportunities, personal or business loans and many other things may be impacted by the one decision to use drugs, drink and drive or do other things while in active addiction.

Life is Too Short

Drinking and drug use are common but other addictions can land people in jail or prison as well. It is not worth the risk to the individual’s life, family, friends, co-workers or other innocent people to continue addictive behaviors which are destructive and not at all beneficial in any way. More and more, laws are changing to criminalize drug use which makes it even riskier to use or abuse drugs of any kind (legal or illegal). In the end, it is best to work on oneself, seek help and get the treatment necessary to move on from addictive behavior. Jail and prison provide a space which is mostly punitive in nature but can provide some benefit for those who utilize the time to think about the behavior and make changes when getting out. It is common people relapse after getting released from jail and end up back where it all began, over and over again. Life is truly too short to risk all the potential available to a person by simply asking for help and doing what is best to avoid the legal consequences of addiction.


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