Alcohol Rehab in Los Angeles

Alcohol Rehab in Los Angeles

The history of alcohol abuse goes as far back as the invention of alcohol itself. Fermented grains, fruits, and honey has been used to create drinking alcohol for thousands of years. Humans have consumed alcohol to celebrate holidays and deal with stress or sadness. According to American Addiction Centers, in the early 1800s, a movement known as The Temperance Movement began. The intent of this movement “was to reduce alcohol intake due to concern about the harmful effects of drinking to excess.” It began apparent that when soldiers exhibited alcohol abuse, there were higher rates of abuse and violent war crimes, such as rape. 

It is even noted in modern-day that roughly 11% of the United States Population has a severe alcohol addiction. A Service of Substance Abuse Services Center reports that alcohol was a factor in 37% of rapes and sexual assaults, 15% of robberies, 27% of aggravated assaults, and 25% of simple assaults. Before alcohol causes serious negative damage to your life, create change.

The best way to overcome alcohol use disorder is to admit yourself or a loved one into alcohol rehab. In alcohol treatment centers, an individual does not have to face the recovery process alone. Alcohol rehab programs offer:

Alcohol addiction is one of the most challenging addictions to manage, especially alone. To achieve sobriety requires a stable, well-structured treatment program, ideally inpatient care, and professional treatment advice. If you or someone you love is looking for alcohol rehab centers to overcome their alcohol dependence that offers inpatient or residential treatment, outpatient treatment, social model detox, and multiple forms of therapy–call The Villa Treatment Center. 

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Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol addiction can be life-threatening. If you or someone you love suffers from alcohol dependence but took the first step to become sober, we congratulate you. Taking the first step to stop drinking alcohol and seeking alcoholism treatment is complex. Our intensive inpatient treatment for alcohol use disorders goes above and beyond just the realm of inpatient rehab. 

Not only do we offer practical, social model detox, supervising and helping with alcohol withdrawal symptoms, but we include mental health counseling sessions, 12-step Alcoholic Anonymous meetings, and an abundance of alternative therapies. An alcohol rehab program should focus on every aspect of your life, not just the substance use disorder. 

Individuals who complete our alcohol rehab program gain self-awareness skills, a new sense of direction, a sense of purpose, and hope. At The Villa Treatment Center, we want every person who comes into our treatment facility to have a deep understanding that addiction is a disease, and they are not alone in this struggle. In our alcohol rehab programs, you can expect:

  • Addiction treatment, including alcoholism treatment
  • Access to support groups and group therapy
  • Access to family therapy support and resources – Marital and Family counseling service options
  • Professional treatment advice
  • Alcohol counseling
  • Talk therapy
  • Open and trustworthy treatment professionals 
  • A treatment program tailored to your needs 
  • Alcohol treatment medications, when necessary
  • Support and treatment to help you get through alcohol withdrawal symptoms
  • Inpatient treatment options
  • Behavioral treatment therapies

We take alcoholism very seriously because it affects self-esteem, family, relationships, work, and every aspect of your life, yet it is the most socially acceptable drug. That is what makes alcohol addiction so destructive. 

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Alcohol Rehab in Los Angeles

What is Alcohol Addiction? 

By Alcohol Rehab Guide, alcohol addiction, or alcoholism, when diagnosed, is called an alcohol use disorder (AUD).

National Institue on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism states that close to 30% of people reported that they engaged in binge drinking during the month of the survey, and 55% of people reported that they drank within the past month. Furthermore, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health reports that 14.5 million people ages 12 and older have alcohol use disorder. 

Alcohol use disorder is the most severe form of alcohol addiction that usually involves alcohol rehab programs to overcome. When someone suffers from alcohol addiction, it means that the individual cannot manage their drinking habits. Alcohol use disorder is organized into three categories: mild, moderate, and severe. 

If left untreated, binge drinking and alcohol use disorder can damage the body. Alcohol addiction can cause mental illness, liver failure, cirrhosis, cardiomyopathy, strokes, cancer, pancreatitis, and much more. About 95,000 deaths annually are related to alcohol.

Alcohol addiction does have warning signs. Common signs of alcoholism include:

  • Being unable to control alcohol consumption
  • Craving alcohol when you’re not drinking
  • Putting alcohol above personal responsibilities
  • Feeling the need to keep drinking more
  • Spending a substantial amount of money on alcohol
  • Behaving differently after drinking

If you suspect you or someone you care for has a drug or alcohol addiction and requires alcohol rehabilitation, contact The Villa Treatment Center. Our treatment facilities have alcohol rehabs that treat alcoholism, and mental disorders, offer professional social model advice and have been shown to be an effective treatment to reduce alcohol cravings. 

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Substance Abuse Treatment

At The Villa, we have multiple treatment programs for alcohol rehabilitation. Our alcohol rehabs are not one size fits all because each individual requires their own form of treatment programs. Our treatments to treat alcoholism include:

  • Residential treatment
  • Inpatient detox
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • 12-step modality
  •  Intensive outpatient treatment
  • Counseling for mental health

Our holistic approach and alternative treatment options exemplify that our treatment providers put sobriety above everything else. We offer a variety of therapies, emotional management, relationship development, and self-acceptance. 

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Alcohol Rehab at The Villa Treatment Center knows that alcohol treatment requires more than just drug addiction treatment. Whether you or a loved one chooses inpatient or outpatient treatment, we can assist in the alcohol detox process. Our treatment centers at The Villa Treatment Center provide a comfortable experience for individuals suffering from substance abuse disorder. We offer a modified 12-step modality, detoxification, holistic approaches, and alternative therapies to make the recovery process an effective, long-lasting lifestyle.