Beat the Summer Heat with 5 Activities to Boost Motivation

What do individuals who are new to recovery do in the summer, when they can’t party and drink alcohol or do drugs? There are many sober activities to keep individuals in recovery busy and enthusiastic over the summer.

Going Solo

Yes, summer is a time for socialization, but the individual doesn’t have to have someone always by their side to appreciate the season. There are plenty of ways for the individual to spend their time and enjoy themselves alone. Being able to sit outdoors and reading a good book is a great solo activity. People watching has always been a enjoyable human pastime, whether at a coffee shop, beach or the mall. Perhaps watching a movie alone or going out to dinner alone would be a new experience. Social and professional networking events are usually attended solo, and they’re a great way to meet new people too.


The individual in recovery may have some more money now that they are not spending it on drugs and alcohol. Summer is a good time to splurge a little. How about gathering some sober friends and going to a paintball park? It’s impossible not to have fun playing paintball. Plus it gets the individual out and about, and not thinking of using substances.

Farmers Markets and Flea Markets

What’s not to love about going to a Farmers Market or looking for bargains at Flea Markets? One doesn’t necessarily need to spend any money. Window shopping is equally fun. And many of these markets have free entertainment, food trucks and plenty of things to look at.


There is almost no limit to the kind of exercises an individual can do. Take a walk. Learn a martial art. Play a sport. Get immersed in yoga. Or go hiking, camping, cycling, skating, running, swimming, the list is endless. The individual certainly doesn’t to be cooped up at home or spend a lot of money to have some fun in the summer.

Get Creative

Art is a great outlet, and it isn’t restricted to painting. Playing an instrument can be uplifting and therapeutic. Writing is a good way to allow the individual to get their feelings out, so there is nothing preying on their mind. If the individual has no inclination to learn something new, then simply listening to their favorite music or watching a movie is a fun way to pass the time.

Recovery is difficult. And summer may bring back urges where the individual remembers previous summers spent high or hungover. Getting involved in sober activities can increase the individual’s self esteem, which is very important in recovery, and let them start building new memories of having fun sober.
Recovery is hard work but you don’t have to do it alone. Call The Villa to find out how we can support your goals for sober living.