Boost Productivity at Work with These 3 Tips

People who contribute a lot to society tend to feel more connected and confident than those who work less or contribute less in the long run. Productivity is the key to being successful at work. Learn some tips for how to boost the level of productivity.

Go the Distance

A person’s level of productivity will determine how far he or she will go. It is easier to be productive when a person likes what he or she is doing but that is not always the case. Sometimes an extra boost is needed to understand how to be productive under any circumstances. Four tips to get started:

Set a Schedule

Regular employees have work schedules and productivity goes up when there is more focused time to work. The self-employed are in a worst case scenario without a regular work schedule. A schedule provides structure for the day and narrows choices of what to focus on at any given time. This will, in turn, increase productive output. Choose less and feel better. The less choices, the more happy and less anxious a person will feel.

Take Breaks

Many people find it hard to focus when working on something for too long a period of time. Attention wanders and the mind shifts to other things. This is a signal to the brain the body is being overtaxed. When wrestling with a difficult problem, the principle is to intersperse short breaks between longer sessions of work to make it go faster. More productivity will happen if a person steps back to assess what’s going on. Take a short walk to the cooler, get coffee, grab tea or stretch outside for fresh air. When going back, it will feel like a fresh set of eyes is available with renewed focus and determination.

Quit Multitasking

A person may think of being super productive as multitasking but to get through work an individual may botch one or all things happening at the same time. Trying to do more than one task at a time can significantly reduce productivity. Productivity is not a verb (doing or action) it is a noun which describes what a person is seeking to do. The human brain is not designed to focus and process more than one task at a time so when forced to do so, the brain switches around but it has detrimental consequences to health and productivity. It may heighten stress and fatigue and nothing good will get one properly. It may, in fact, get done poorly.

Setting deadlines can also be critical for success but it depends on the individual. Some work more with a flow and others need hard and fast deadlines to be productive. Work is just that – work. It requires attention, focus and determination to succeed but using these tips can be helpful when sorting out how best to get on the track to productive success.

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