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Building Blocks of a Solid Recovery Plan

Solid recovery building blocks are a necessary part of develop a plan that will stick. The foundation keeps a house from falling down and the same can be said for the essential building blocks necessary for a healthy recovery. Learn how to get started with some simple steps.

Start with a Doctor

Consult with a doctor when it comes to recovery plans. Sometimes all it takes is facing reality to make everything come into focus. Keep appointments and focus on getting the body and mind strong again when things feel challenging. Therapists and doctors can help shape an individual’s recovery plan by providing necessary support to keep a person functioning well after addiction. The mind and body are impacted by addiction so it is necessary to focus on keeping an individual healthy in recovery even if that includes medication and therapeutic intervention.

Build a Strong Body

Following a visit with the doctor or therapist, be sure to follow recommendations and advice for what to do. Start with the basics:

  • Get enough sleep. Go to bed at roughly the same time each night and get up around the same time in the morning. A person who feels rested will likely benefit from feeling the positive effects over a person who went without proper rest and rejuvenation
  • Follow a healthy diet. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains are great staples of any diet plan. It is important to follow doctor’s orders when starting or stopping any dietary plans. It is also important to focus on getting healthy with the support of a physician and therapist who understand addiction and health.
  • Exercise is important in recovery. Getting enough exercise means roughly 30 minutes per day of physical activity which may include walking, jogging, biking, swimming or other activities. Pick some activities which are enjoyable. If you don’t enjoy the activity, it won’t last so make it fun.
  • Yoga and stretching support overall health. The key is to go easy and slow without pushing oneself to the limits. When pain kicks in it is important to listen to one’s own body and not be deterred but rest when necessary.
  • Massage does a body good. The body will feel soothed as it slows down and relaxes. Self-massage can be helpful for people who cannot afford professional therapy.

Small steps are the key to success when developing building blocks in recovery. Over time it gets easier once the foundation blocks are up. When a storm comes along, when things are challenging, it is important to be ready so it does not take over one’s recovery and lead to relapse. A solid recovery plan is one which works well for the individual who created it but is amenable to life’s ups and downs with some flexibility thrown into the plan. It is not possible to focus on doing everything right but working towards a healthy view of recovery can go a long way towards staying clean and sober.


The Villa is a safe space to discuss the ups and downs of recovery. Building a solid plan is key but it takes time. Call us if you’re struggling in recovery. Let us help guide you towards a positive, healthy plan of action.