Building Healthy Self Esteem in Recovery

Building Healthy Self Esteem in Recovery

Self-esteem is an issue with many people but building positive self-esteem can be especially helpful for individuals in recovery from addiction. Learn how creating a positive sense of self can potentially change a person’s life in the aftermath of addiction.




Building self-esteem has some basic tenets which are helpful to follow in order to get started down the path. The following can include:

Using positive affirmations

Focus on positive “I” statements which are helpful when looking at oneself and trying to build confidence. Put honest, positive statements on a recipe card and tape it to the mirror. Focus on believing what is written on the cards to find the truth in the statements.

Spend quiet time daily

Learn how to shut down the mind for a time, quiet the inner chatter and focus on positive, healthy things. At first it may feel challenging but over time it gets easier. Mindfulness, meditation and spending quiet time can enhance a person’s ability to think more clearly and with a positive outlook on life.

Journal daily

Get out all the good and bad thoughts on paper. It may be shocking how some look once written down but it is a healthy exercise to note what is helpful and what is not. Discard the negative thoughts mentally and accept the positive. Over time, this helps build a positive self image.

Get outside help

Find a mentor or confidante who is admired and walked the same road. It may be someone unknown rather than a family member or friend but it never hurts to ask around and see who is looking to mentor another person in recovery.

Get right side up

Finding personal power can build a great sense of trust with the self and others as well as healthy relationships. Nothing is more positive than owning one’s authority to take control of life and really make good things happen but it starts in the mind first before it becomes action.

Give credit where it is due

Offer credit for all the successes gained, big or small. It is easy to focus on failures but it is more important to look at the successes to see what needs to happen to move forward and how far a person has come to that point. Honoring the small successes can be a huge step towards building self-confidence.

Set small goals

Baby steps are the best way to get through the journey of recovery. To hit a goal feels really good and builds confidence for the next step, the next one and subsequent ones to follow. Even just a small pat on the back can boost self-esteem

The key to confidence is a positive outlook that things get better even when it does not feel that way at the moment. Take each day as it comes, one step at a time and focus on achieving healthy goals with a healthy, positive outlook towards the future and anything is possible.

The Villa has resources and tools to support your journey to recovery. If you are seeking a better way out of addiction, call us. We can help give you some steps to get started.