Quitting Heroin Cold Turkey

Can a Person Quit Heroin Cold Turkey?

Heroin works on the central nervous system. It is a very addictive drug that can get you hooked with even a single use. It is a powerful addictive substance and once physical dependence sets in, getting rid of the heroin habit can be very difficult. The withdrawal symptoms that arise when trying to kick heroin addiction can be severe. Therefore, trying to quit heroin cold turkey is not advisable.

Heroin addicts yearn for the intense feeling of euphoria that is triggered by the drug’s effect on the body’s opioid receptors. Some heroin users are after the feeling of relaxation and pain relief that the drug can bring about.

Heroin, whether snorted, smoked, or injected, enters the bloodstream and slows down the body’s physical and mental working. The drug’s peak effects are felt no later than 15 minutes of consumption. These effects can last for up to two hours. However, effects such as sleepiness and a feeling of being detached from everything can last for several hours after taking this drug. The risk of overdose is ever present, and is a factor to be considered even by recovering addicts.

Taking the cold turkey approach is not advisable, because even though it may enable you to detox faster, the process is difficult because of the severity of the associated withdrawal symptoms and their effects on the body. A graduated approach works better because it gives the body time to readjust and achieve the original homeostasis.  Restlessness, retching, pain in the muscle and bones, loose motions, loss of sleep, and cold flashes are some of the withdrawal symptoms associated with going cold turkey. These symptoms can be very disheartening and may discourage the addict, not to mention the potential physical harm that they can cause. The chances of relapse increase with the cold turkey approach.

A tapered approach, which may also utilize replacement therapy, works better and gives the addict the opportunity to complete the detox and take an important step toward full recovery.

The biggest risk with cold turkey detox, particularly for heavy and long-term addicts, is of the body shutting down completely. The stress of abruptly stopping heroin consumption is too much for the body, and can have fatal consequences.

Cold turkey may be an option for you if you’re in good health, do not take other drugs, possess willpower, and are not a candidate for conditions that may be triggered upon withdrawal.

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