Can Tramadol Help Opiate Withdrawal

Can Tramadol Help with Opiate Withdrawal?

Tramadol can help reduce anxiety associated with opioid withdrawal symptoms. Doctors are excited about the practical uses of Tramadol to support individuals with addiction. Learn why it is so beneficial and how it helps.

Uses of Tramadol

Doctors like to use Tramadol for opiate withdrawal for many reasons including:

  • Less abuse potential
  • More efficient than other medications
  • Less side effects than other medications

Low Risk

Tramadol has low abuse potential as it is a pain killer but not classified by the DEA as a narcotic. The drug has minimal potential for abuse. Products with tramadol hydrochloride like Ultracet and Ultram may be more addictive.

Symptom Management

Medications that have been used to treat opiate and opioid withdrawal symptoms have been tested and found relatively safe. In some clinical trials, Tramadol may be slightly better at management of opioid withdrawal syndrome. Tramadol is more efficient in controlling opioid withdrawal symptoms including depression, irritability, anxiety and drug cravings.

Side Effects

Tramadol comes with far less side effects than other, similar drugs. People who take Tramadol experience a lack of respiratory depression and toxicity. This includes less sweating and drowsiness with other medication as well. Tasks involving psychomotor tasks including speed, coordination and pattern recognition occur less than with other drugs treating withdrawal.

Who Benefits

Tramadol may be especially helpful in case of low dosages of opium or heroin use. Tramadol favors other drugs used during detox for managing withdrawal from less than 10 bags per day. People who use more than this may not find Tramadol as helpful.


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