Can Vitamins Help Me in Recovery?

Vitamin therapy is one way people in recovery are taking ownership of health and wellness. Malnutrition is a common side effect among people who struggle with alcoholism and substances. Substance users suffer at a greater rate due to decreased food ingestion and in some cases impaired metabolism and absorption processes. It may lead to vitamin and mineral deficiencies, causing serious health problems. Learn more about the benefit of vitamins in recovery.

Vitamin Deficiencies

People who drink alcohol or take drugs usually face vitamin deficiencies and malnourishment. The deficiencies occur as a result of poor nutrition and lack of good health. Long term it may cause irreversible health problems when a person has a deficiency of an essential vitamin or mineral. Serious health issues may cause:

  • Thiamine deficiency
  • Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome “Wet Brain Syndrome.” Vitamin B1 helps brain function and the nervous system.
  • Liver disease due to damage to organs but also process of metabolizing Vitamin A in the body which leads to liver damage
  • Calcium deficiency which can lead to osteoporosis or other serious issues

Vitamin Therapy for Treatment

Vitamin therapy is the use of high doses of vitamins to treat diseases and conditions. The alternative approach to health care can provide impressive results for those with alcoholism and substance abuse. Evidence shows vitamin therapy may aid in reduction of withdrawal symptoms and increase treatment retention rates. Mental health may also improve. Providing proper nutritional support is a key component of helping individuals in recovery work through the challenges of vitamin deficiency and work towards a holistic approach to health with the support of doctors, therapists and loved ones.

Adverse Reactions

Some studies have shown adverse reactions to vitamins and minerals but it is increasingly rare to find. Safety studies demonstrate adverse effects from short-term use of high dose vitamins used during treatment or recovery are negligible and not tangible. Nutrient imbalances are more likely the culprit. With focused therapeutic support, an individual can receive help to balance out all the ways the body needs support to make it through the challenges of recovery, both physically and mentally.

Vitamins are one tool to help individuals get healthy in recovery. It is not always possible to find the solution to what ails an individual in one area as it takes a holistic approach to recovery for a person to heal. Vitamins are an important component to look into but should never be used without first consulting a treating physician for any interactions or negative reactions which may occur as a result of taking other medication alongside the vitamins.

The Villa believes in a holistic approach to supporting individuals in recovery. Mind, body and soul are all impacted by the trauma of addiction. Call us to find out how our programs and services can help aid you on the journey to health, wellness and recovery from addiction.