Can you get addicted to Vicodin as a prescription?

Can You Get Addicted to Vicodin as a Prescription

It is possible that you may become physically dependent on Vicodin even when you take the drug for therapeutic purposes. A schedule of one Vicodin 5/500 tablet taken every four hours for a period of 13 days may result in physical dependence. Vicodin is an opioid and once you’re habituated to the drug, you are vulnerable to withdrawal when the medication is suddenly stopped.


Tolerance to Vicodin indicates growing physiological dependence to Vicodin. Discontinuation results in withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal from Vicodin taken for therapeutic purposes is natural, and the symptoms resolve themselves after a few days. However, the risk of addiction to Vicodin is a real one.  


Signs and symptoms of Vicodin addiction include withdrawal from society, inability to focus on work at hand, lack of energy, drowsiness, and consumption of more Vicodin than prescribed.


While withdrawal from Vicodin does not involve any serious symptoms, it can be very uncomfortable for the recovering addict. The symptoms can vary with the person and the strength of the drug taken. It is always a good idea to gradually reduce the amount of Vicodin instead of giving up the drug at one go. Symptoms associated with the “cold turkey” approach can be more severe and disconcerting.  


Withdrawal symptoms appear anywhere between four to twelve hours and can include anxiety, lack of sleep, overactive lachrymose glands, runny nose, distress, and perspiration. As the period of abstinence from Vicodin increases, other symptoms such as cramps in the stomach and tachycardia may manifest themselves. Bone pain, loose motions, queasiness, and retching are other signs of Vicodin withdrawal.

Even babies born to mothers who take Vicodin as pain medication are at risk of developing physical dependence on the drug.

The right way to tackle Vicodin withdrawal is under medical care. Clonidine is popularly prescribed to alleviate symptoms associated with Vicodin withdrawal. There are other medicines that give relief from specific symptoms, such as diarrhea and retching. Post-detox, you should schedule psychological checkup for depression and anxiety.  

It is important to know that while physical dependence on Vicodin taken for therapeutic purposes may resolve on its own, addiction to Vicodin requires treatment.

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