Change Your Attitude, Change Your Life

Change Your Attitude, Change Your Life

The way a person feels can change everything about an individual’s outlook on that moment, day, even life over the long term. Attitude is one things that can be changed in the midst of challenges in recovery. Sobriety is about learning how to find the positive rather than negative aspects of life. Changing one’s attitude can truly change a one’s life, if the person permits it to be so.


Getting Started


No laws exist saying a person has to wake up happy and excited each day. The biggest challenge is to learn how to change one’s attitude towards what is good about life in the moment rather than what is not. A good attitude starts a day off on the right foot with a sunny outlook on possible opportunities available rather than closed doors.




A person who puts on a smile and positive attitude in the morning is more likely to feel motivated to look at positive aspects of the day ahead. Feeling down in the dumps can make a person feel less worthy or confident about life but reprogramming thoughts to welcome the challenges a day brings can help reap incredible rewards.


Attitude Affects Others


A positive attitude can rub off on other people as much as a negative one. Others may notice a sour demeanor and stay away while a positive demeanor will encourage people to connect. Some things to consider may include:

  • Complaining less about difficulties in life
  • Focus on positive rather than negative aspects of recovery (generally speaking)
  • Family, friends and loved ones are more likely to enjoy company with good attitude


Attitude Affects Health


A negative outlook on life may affect the way a person takes care of him or herself. Eating properly, getting enough sleep and exercising are important to recovery. Being negative takes a lot of mental energy which affects the body over time. Addictive behaviors can begin again very easily by going down the path of focusing on what’s wrong about life rather than what is good.


Success Trail


To be a success, it takes setting and meeting goals. A person’s attitude is one of the key factors in making dreams a reality. Some steps to get there:

  • Find a trusted person with years of sobriety for support
  • Make the decision to change
  • Learn how to implement attitude changes
  • Give plenty of time to adjust and make changes without being self-critical. Change takes time.

An attitude of possibility and opportunity beats one of impossibility and defeat. When faced with life’s trials, a positive attitude will help people stumble through, step by step and find the positive aspects of what otherwise may be difficult circumstances. A silver lining waits for those who seek it out. Change does not happen overnight but it is possible with a positive outlook and support from loved ones.

Recovery is a lifelong journey filled with ups and downs. Contact the Villa if you’re ready to quit addiction and move forward with a healthy, positive outlook on life. We can help you get there.