Cocaine Rehab in Los Angeles

Cocaine Rehab in Los Angeles

Are you interested in Cocaine Rehab in Los Angeles? You may have heard the ads for drug addiction treatment or know people who suffer from drug addiction, but you never imagined it could be you or a loved one who falls into the path of drug abuse, especially a cocaine addiction. If you are reading this, it means you have taken the first step to recognizing yourself or a loved one who may suffer from cocaine addiction

National Drug Center for Drug Abuse Statistics shows that in 2018, 5.5 million people in the US reported using cocaine within the past year, and over 8 million people have a substance abuse disorder. The best way to fight cocaine dependence is through cocaine rehab. According to Wendy Generes with American Addiction Centers, “Research indicates that most individuals who receive and remain in treatment stop abusing drugs and alcohol, reduce their criminal activity, and improve their social and psychological functioning.” 

Successful addiction treatment for drug addiction requires customization, continual evaluations, and modifications when necessary–all delivered by a professional using evidence-based therapies along with medications. The Villa Treatment Center is the ideal treatment facility to go to when overcoming cocaine addiction and seeking addiction treatment. The Villa Treatment Center makes sure every person feels welcomed, supported, and encouraged and offers an individualized hands-on approach.

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Cocaine Rehab – Help is Available

When you or someone you love suffers from substance use disorder, especially a cocaine addiction, it is best to enter drug abuse treatment programs that offer cocaine rehab. It is possible to beat a cocaine addiction on your own. However, it is not ideal. Trying to overcome cocaine addiction by yourself is much less likely to be successful than with the guidance of addiction treatment professionals. First, cocaine withdrawal symptoms can pose physical risks. Second, it is much more difficult without the support of rehab programs.

With social model cocaine detox professionals, rehab programs, and mental health services, individuals struggling with cocaine addiction can address all aspects of their substance abuse within the treatment centers. Quite often, people forget the physical, emotional, and behavioral aspects of cocaine addiction and how all of those have a role in the treatment of cocaine addiction. Cocaine rehab centers have the right aftercare programs to help you or a loved one overcome cocaine abuse.

The Villa Treatment Center offers multiple addiction treatment services to accommodate your needs, such as:

  • Therapy
    • Emotional Therapy
    • Music and Art Therapy
    • Family Therapy
    • Dual Diagnosis Therapy
    • Trauma Therapy
    • Evidence-Based Therapy
  • Yoga
  • Partial Hospitalization Program
  • Residential Treatments
  • Detoxication
  • 12-Step Modality

Instead of trying to overcome cocaine addiction on your own, call The Villa Treatment Center. We have many different addiction treatment options for cocaine treatment. Explore our addiction treatment services on our website.

Cocaine Rehab in Los Angeles

What is Cocaine Addiction?

A 2014 National Survey on drug use states that approximately 913,000 Americans met the criteria for cocaine addiction. Cocaine is a psychostimulant that affects the brain’s limbic system. The limbic system plays a vital role in controlling emotional behaviors, such as fear, rage, anxiety, and the flight or fight response. Cocaine can be administered by snorting, smoking, oral consumption, or intravenous. Each form of consumption varies the intensity of the cocaine. Smoking cocaine is also referred to as crack cocaine, crack cocaine, and intravenous use will result in a more difficult cocaine detox and cocaine withdrawal. Displayed signs and symptoms of someone who suffers from cocaine addiction are, but are not limited to:

  1. Neglecting important obligations, instead, they chose to abuse cocaine
  2. Requiring more cocaine and a large quantity to get high
  3. Having intense urges to use cocaine
  4. Experiencing  cocaine withdrawal symptoms
  5. Putting yourself in danger of more cocaine
  6. And more!

You may wonder why an individual is struggling with cocaine addiction, and what could lead you or a loved one to start cocaine use. For some people, it could begin at parties, and socializing with friends, for others, they may begin using cocaine because it helps them perform physical and mental tasks more quickly. Using cocaine affects dopamine levels in the brain. Users experience a euphoric feeling, feelings of reward, pleasure, and motivation in users. Long-term chronic cocaine abuse can lead to mental illness, including but not limited to irritability, mood swings, overconfidence, paranoia, and depression. At a drug rehab, a professional treatment provider can help with cocaine cravings and teach you or a  loved one coping strategies.

Help is available. Don’t face your cocaine addiction alone.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment

One of the first steps for someone struggling with cocaine addiction is to admit they have a problem. As previously stated, you reading this blog is an exemplification of the first step. American Addiction Centers survey reveals that as many as 90 percent of people who need drug rehab, do not receive it. 

Our specialists at The Villa Treatment Center understand the importance of the user finding a treatment modality and intervention that is compatible with their substance abuse problems. The more meaningful the reward system and the more the services match the individual, the more effective the treatment for cocaine addiction will be when replacing the need for pleasure fulfillment. 

The process at The Villa Treatment Center begins with cocaine detox treatment. This is performed suited to you or your loved ones circumstances. Factors that the treatment depends on, include:

  • Their previous cocaine treatment and relapse history
  • Their motivation for seeking help

After the social model detox, one will transition into a treatment program where you will undergo therapy that best addresses you. Our facility offers many different forms of therapy. Furthermore, residents will participate in a 12-step modality, this helps the addict see the road to recovery from cocaine dependence into digestible steps. Our goal is to provide hope for a future of sober living.

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Cocaine Rehab at The Villa Treatment Center understands that cocaine use leads to a point where it has a negative impact on everyday life, the lives of loved ones, friends, and work. When cocaine use turns into cocaine addiction and then chronic cocaine abuse, it is time to seek help. At The Villa Treatment Center, we provide a comfortable residential treatment program for individuals suffering from cocaine dependency. Our certified licensed counselors develop inpatient treatment, agendas, and unique substance abuse and mental rehab programs. From cocaine detox to support groups, our path to recovery is influential.