Do People Smoke Xanax?

Do People Smoke Xanax?

Prescription drugs such as Xanax can have different effects on an individual depending on how it is ingested (orally or smoked). Risks are associated with smoking Xanax including dependence on the drug within just a few weeks of taking the drug. Learn more about the possible side effects and effectiveness of smoking Xanax.



An anti-anxiety medication usually prescribed for mood disorders or panic attacks, Xanax can produce euphoric highs and feelings of relaxation. When taken orally, the high produced is lessened but inhalation from smoking Xanax can increase a risk for addiction. Smoking will get a person high but is inefficient as many ingredients are lost in the process. Overdose, seizures and other serious side effects can occur when a person smokes Xanax. Some of the following side effects may occur:

  • agitation and mood changes
  • fatigue and drowsiness
  • involuntary movements/muscle twitching
  • Seizures


While a person may smoke Xanax, it can have negative consequences to a person’s health due to the irritating fillers and binders in the tablets. Taking Xanax other than prescribed or in a different form than directed can raise the risk of possible adverse side effects and become highly addictive. Painful withdrawal symptoms may also occur when the drug is stopped.


It is not advisable to just quit taking Xanax cold turkey. Dependence can begin within two weeks of taking the drug and long-term use can cause physical dependence, build up of tolerance symptoms and even lead to addiction. Side effects will occur when a person quits Xanax including withdrawal. Xanax is in the benzodiazepine class of drugs and can have serious side effects from quitting including twitching, seizures, aggressive behavior, blurred vision and other problematic effects. Withdrawal can last anywhere from 18 hours to 3 days after the last dose of Xanax. Even if an addiction has not started, the symptoms of withdrawal will begin once a person quits taking the drug.

Smoking Xanax is not an effective or safe way to take the drug so it is advisable to take as prescribed to avoid serious side effects and withdrawal. Xanax should always be taken under a doctor’s direction orally to avoid potential risk factors from occurring. Respiratory problems can occur from smoking Xanax which are unpleasant and may make a person sick.

While it might seem interesting to try a different method of ingestion for Xanax, it can have harmful consequences for a person to do so. Taking the drug as prescribed, under a doctor’s supervision and for short periods of time is the most appropriate way to take the drug. To avoid negative consequences, addiction and harmful interactions, a person is advised to read the prescription, take as noted and ask a doctor for clarification before making changes.

Xanax and other prescription drugs can have serious side effects when not taken as prescribed. The Villa works with individuals and families affected by prescription drug dependence and addiction. Call us to find out more on our programs and individualized treatment plans.