Does Adderall Have Addictive Properties?

Adderall is definitely addictive. But what makes it addictive? The euphoric effect, or an extreme sense of well being that it creates is what makes it so. So what is Adderall and  how does it work?

What is Adderall?

Adderall is a prescription medication which is a stimulant. It is used to treat ADHD and narcolepsy. The drug usually comes in tablet form and can be immediate release or extended release. The active ingredients in it are synthetic. If the drug is taken as prescribed, it will offer relief from symptoms though the day. But if an individual is trying to get high or snorting Adderall, then it can become addictive.

How Addictive is Adderall?

How does Adderall get an individual high? The amphetamines in Adderall disrupt normal communication between the brain cell, which increases levels of dopamine in the central nervous system. This excess dopamine is what can produce the feeling of euphoria. Keep in mind that normal use of Adderall, under prescription, does not trigger this reaction.

This makes Adderall extremely addictive in people who don’t have ADHD. The drug’s strong effects on the central nervous system causes it to be frequently abused. While it is illegal to use Adderall without a medical prescription, individuals use the drug to enhance performance or to get the euphoric feeling.

Adderall Addiction

There is a distinction between Adderall addiction and dependence. An individual using Adderall for an attention disorder, for example, may not be able to function normally without the medication and may experience withdrawal symptoms without it. But this is different to an addiction. An addiction is defined as a psychological compulsion to seek out the drug, notwithstanding its negative effects.

Individuals who take Adderall for a medically diagnosed disorder, and as directed by their physician are not likely to form an addiction to it. However, those individuals who increase their prescribed dose, or the frequency of the dose, are at an increased risk for becoming addicted. Generally speaking, an individual can become addicted to Adderall if they continue taking it in a manner other than as prescribed. Some common ways that individuals misuse Adderall are:

  • Chewing Adderall to prevent controlled release.
  • Crushing Adderall and snorting it.
  • Dissolving Adderall in water and injecting it.
  • Taking Adderall in higher doses than prescribed.
  • Taking Adderall more frequently than prescribed.

Signs of Addiction

When an individual is addicted to Adderall, they experience intense cravings for the drug, and feel that they can’t go without it. Additional signs of Adderall addiction are:

  • Continuing to abuse Adderall despite suffering negative consequences to their social life and financial livelihood.
  • Using Adderall compulsively.
  • Seeking out Adderall.

Recovering from an Adderall addiction is hard work, but you don’t have to be alone in the process. Call The Villa to find out how we can support your goals for sober living.