Does Marijuana Kill Brain Cells

Does Marijuana Kill Brain Cells

Marijuana is harmful for the brain; however, it doesn’t kill brain cells. This is not to say that weed does not cause brain damage. There is enough research to show that marijuana use leads to brain damage.

THC, the main ingredient in marijuana, alters the mind and induces sensations of pleasure by binding with nerve receptors in different areas of the brain. This action of THC results in marijuana users experiencing improved sensory perception and assorted psychological effects associated with smoking weed.

Weed influences the hippocampus and affects memory. Concentration is weakened for the duration during which THC exerts its influence on this part of the brain. Loss of memory associated with weed consumption happens because the cells of the hippocampus are affected by marijuana. Loss of neurons in the hippocampus is an age-related phenomenon. Memory loss is a well-known age-related phenomenon. However, weed consumption can accelerate the process of neuron loss and weakened memory.

The binding of THC with cerebellum and basal ganglia affects one’s ability maintain balance, coordination, and time taken to react to a situation. It also impairs the ability to maintain posture. THC coaxes the Nucleus accumbens to release the “feel good” neurotransmitter dopamine. This is associated with the feeling of of pleasure that comes from consuming weed.

While there is no information on permanent damage caused by marijuana, prolonged use of cannabis can decrease mental abilities, and it also raises the risk of depression and irrational worries in chronic abusers. Long-term abuse of marijuana harms focus on work, cognitive skills, psychological well being, and social skill.

While weed does not destroy brain cells, it can certainly result in lowering of our mental faculties, and an overall dumbing down that cannot augur well over the long term. The effects of THC on the brain begin to wear off after around four weeks, and normal brain functioning is restored in around eight weeks. There is little information on the long-term effects of marijuana and the possibility of any permanent damage to the brain that may occur from consuming cannabis.

Individuals who consume weed to get high risk getting addicted to cannabis. Addiction to weed can be gauged by both physical and psychological symptoms.

If you smoke weed and think you’re exhibiting any of the symptoms mentioned above, then let The Villa Treatment Center counsel you on the right course of action. Our trained recovery experts will help you quit the weed habit, and set you on the path to recovering normal brain functionality.