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Don’t Settle for Less Than Your Best

Everyone wants a rich, fulfilling life. How to get to there from addiction is another story. Recovery looks different for every individual but returning to a state of balance in mind, body and soul is a goal most people have in mind and can achieve with some support along the way.

What Recovery Means

To be ‘in recovery’ may be defined as being in the ‘process of recovering from drug addiction or past abuse.’ Some people may take it to mean a person currently in a drug rehab or treatment program. Others may base it on the premise addiction is incurable from which a person never fully recovers. Definitions aside, the belief addiction is incurable can perpetuate the cycle of addictive behaviors and promote a negative view of recovery.

Perpetuating Addiction

People who believe addiction is incurable may take substitute drugs (methadone, suboxone) for an indefinite period of time, trading one drug addiction for another. Going down this route can lead to more extensive drug use in conjunction with the maintenance drugs. A person who drinks too much is unlikely to be able to drink again without falling back into addiction. The focus is not so much on how it happens as to how the individual feels when not using drugs or alcohol.

Recovery is Possible

The viewpoint of ‘once an addict, always an addict’ is not necessarily true. Addiction can cease to be part of a person’s life when that individual chooses to maintain sobriety in recovery. Addiction is not part of a person’s life when he or she does not think about drugs or spend days resisting temptations and cravings. Living a happy, fulfilled life without drugs or alcohol requires leaving behind:

  • Negative thoughts about oneself and recovery
  • Negative people who keep perpetuating addictive behaviors
  • Toxic environments which promote triggers to use

Moving forward looks a whole lot like taking ownership of one’s life and control of the recovery process. Not settling for less includes fighting addiction but also fighting for recovery and a positive future filled with possibilities. Everything a person does in life can focus on building upon the tools and resources provided in treatment and early recovery to support an individual living a drug-free life.

A Personal Best

When an individual achieves goals set out in the recovery plan, it sets the person up for future success. A coach, counselor or other individual can provide support along the way to help reach milestones thought unreachable while in active addiction. Not settling for less includes seeking out opportunities to grow, serve other people and reach for future goals without looking back. It is less about achievement and more about the long view, the focus on points ahead that offer promise and hope rather than destruction and despair. Letting go of the past to look forward into the future is what recovery is all about.



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