Educational Support Options for Teens in Recovery

Educational Support Options for Teens in Recovery

Drug abuse during adolescence can lead to falling behind as much as one academic year. Typically, a teen may struggle to stay connected to academics while going through addiction and treatment, often missing large chunks of time from school. With drug treatment taking many months, it is important to weigh options when deciding how to support treatment and educational options for a teen with addiction.


Teen Drug Treatment Options


Drug treatment may take many months to complete, whereby a teen will miss time from school. A teen’s education is of utmost importance in the present and future endeavors he or she wishes to pursue. It is also a grounding place to help guide and transform an individual’s way of being and thinking. To ensure a teen continues academic educational opportunities in treatment, a search for the right program must include this as part of its offerings.




Teens in inpatient recovery from drug addiction may be able to continue academic education while in treatment. Teens in rehab face unique challenges with education. An inpatient program with education as part treatment may offer an on-site tutor to provide for educational needs of the teens or an entire teaching staff may provide on-site support. A program which transfers the teen’s high school transcript may help ensure continuity of education for a teen in rehab as well as receive credits towards graduation. This will help the teen stay on track and not fall behind.




Teens in treatment on an outpatient basis may be comfortable going to school on a part-time basis while attending treatment, generally two or three days per week. Teens may not feel comfortable going to school while in rehab but classes may be held through the treatment program as an alternate option.

Keeping up with studies is the main goal for teens in rehab so finding the right program is essential to making sure youth can continue studying while receiving the necessary support to get clean and sober. It is difficult to ensure proper educational attainment for teens in rehab, especially during the school year. It is equally important to focus on recovery and wellness. A teen must find treatment in order to succeed in recovery and life but once treatment ends, a teen should not fall too far behind peers in school. Integration back into regular life should be as smooth as possible to ensure continuity of care. A strong educational component will ensure teens can keep up with studies while in treatment and also get healthy in mind, body and soul while keeping up with peers and aftercare goals.

Teens require special treatment plans tailored to meet their needs. If you are seeking treatment for a teenager in your life or you are looking for help, call us to find out how we can support your goals of getting sober and healthy.