Effects of Ecstasy on the Body

Ecstasy is a central nervous stimulant, also known as MDMA. It is a drug that can affect not only the brain, but also different systems of the body. The main effects of Ecstasy differ from person to person. There are a lot of variables including the individual’s weight, health, how long they have used Ecstasy, and whether they use it with other drugs, as well as the amount used. So what are some of the negative effects of Ecstasy on the body?

Effects of Ecstasy on the Body

Ecstasy is a stimulant and is often associated with vigorous physical activities for extended periods of time. The drug can produce a variety of adverse health effects, like:

  • Hyperthermia – rise in the body’s temperature
  • Involuntary muscle cramps
  • Chills
  • Nausea
  • Sweating

Hyperthermia is a rare side effect of taking Ecstasy, but it is significant, as its treatment requires immediate medical attention, or it can lead to muscle breakdown, and eventually kidney failure.

Effects of Ecstasy on the Heart

There have been numerous studies which show that taking Ecstasy increases heart rate. The drug produces a profound effect on cardiovascular physiology that can increase a user’s susceptibility for heart related fatalities. It can also produce neurocognitive and neurobehavioral deficits. In individuals who are susceptible, hypertension or heart failure can occur.

Effects of Ecstasy on Blood Pressure

The symptoms of Ecstasy overdose include high blood pressure, feeling faint and panic attacks. In severe cases of overdose, there could be a lack of consciousness and seizures.

Effects of Ecstasy on the Liver

A small number of Ecstasy users can suffer liver damage. However, it is unclear to what extent Ecstasy causes liver toxicity. Studies on animals suggest that the risk and extent of liver damage is related to high body temperature.

Effects of Ecstasy on the Lungs

Ecstasy use has been linked to cases of collapsed lungs, as well exercise induced asthma.

Effects of Ecstasy on the Nose

Individuals who snort Ecstasy could get chemical burn in their nose and mouth. Extreme use of the drug can create holes in the nose and brain. The nose goes soft from the drug eating into the cartilage and nose bleeds can occur at random times.

Effects of Ecstasy on Teeth

Individuals who use Ecstasy are almost certain to experience teeth grinding and jaw clenching as a short term side effect. Those individuals who are extreme users of the drug could also suffer from dental problems due to excessive wear of the teeth.

Apart from the body, Ecstasy also has significant effects on the mind, leading to diminished mental abilities, especially those affecting memory. It markedly impairs information processing, which means that an individual under the influence of Ecstasy is at risk of lowered judgment while performing complex activities, such as driving a car.

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