Finding a Family Intervention Specialist

Finding a Family Intervention Specialist

Substance abuse and addiction affects millions of people across the country every year. Addiction creates serious problems within the family dynamic including financial hardship, divorce and domestic violence. Overcoming addiction is the best way to fix or prevent problems from arising. A person may or may not be willing to go into treatment and may need support from a family intervention specialist. Learn more about what it means to stage an intervention and how to get started if a loved one is suspected of being addicted to drugs or alcohol.

The Role of a Family Interventionist

An addiction intervention is a useful technique to persuade an addict to agree to drug rehabilitation and treatment. Interventions are of two kinds. An addiction intervention where family members and friends reason with the addict is the first kind and is an informal one. It may work and get the addict thinking about his condition. If it does not, then a structured intervention can be scheduled.

These interventions are handled by trained intervention specialists who have the experience in dealing with addicts. They know the objections that addicts may raise, they are aware of the damage-causing abilities of different drugs and can impress upon the addict the repercussions of not seeking immediate help.

Tips for Finding Intervention Services

For families looking for drug intervention services, a local search is usually best. Start with the area in which the family lives and see how that goes before looking elsewhere.

  • Many addiction treatment facilities and organizations offer family drug intervention services. Call and ask about intervention services to discern what program is the best fit.
  • Seek referrals from local therapists, psychologists, social workers, doctors or psychiatrists. Local networks of medical and social professionals can help point people in the right direction.
  • Check with the Association of Intervention Specialists (AIS) as another great resource for any individual who needs to find family drug intervention services. A broad network comprised of intervention specialists exists across the country. The AIS offers Board certification to qualified interventionists.

What to look for in an intervention specialist

Finding a Family Intervention SpecialistIf you’re planning to take help from professional intervention specialists then there are certain attributes you should look for in prospects.

A good family interventionist has a better chance of convincing an addict to accept treatment and regain sobriety.

The following tips will help families better understand what to look for in a specialist:



Experience is the most valuable attribute that you should first check for. The successful planning and staging of an intervention depends a lot on the experience of the expert. Ask for references to get an idea of successful interventions staged.

Intervention specialists have to be licensed to practice in their state. Therapists, psychologists, and mental health professionals can work as intervention experts. Check if an intervention specialist is a registered member of the Association of Intervention Specialist Board. This will assure you that the specialist has the necessary license to practice and has at least two years of experience to show. Registered specialists have to adhere to a code of ethics.

Talk to the intervention specialist and get an idea of their approach to convincing addicts. You know what will work with your ward or family member. Meet with more than one specialist prior to staging an intervention (if possible). Styles vary person to person so it is important the individual utilizes a style that is comfortable for the family. Some experts prefer a blunt and to-the-point approach, which may do the trick or may put the addict on the defensive. Some experts prefer to cajole the addict, listen, and they project an understanding persona. The specialist you choose should give you the impression that their approach is best suited for your situation.

Get a feel of how flexible the expert is likely to be in handling the intervention. Each situation calls for a different approach. Addicts are humans with personalities, their backgrounds differ, and the reasons for turning to drugs vary. An expert needs to account for these factors. They should display a willingness to learn about the subject.

Compare prospective experts for the cost of the procedure. Ask them about financing options, they may be able to guide you. Check if your insurance company covers the cost of such interventions, if yes, then to what extent.

Qualified, experienced family intervention specialists are able to help families better understand addiction in general and as it relates to the loved one in question. The goal of an interventionist is to support the whole family in remaining calm in order to stage a successful intervention. A family may feel stressed or anxious about what the loved one will think of being confronted with an intervention but a specialist helps the family remember; it is for the greater goal of seeing the individual receive help and support for recovery. With this in mind, it is important to select an appropriate specialist with whom everyone is comfortable and confident about the person’s ability to stage an effective intervention.

If you have any questions about how to select a specialist for a family intervention then The Villa Treatment Center can help. We know that your circumstances are unique and we have the expertise to develop a treatment plan that is best suited for your needs. Contact us to find out how we can connect you with the right resources and tools to make an informed decision about the best treatment options available.