Finding Balance on the Solid Ground of Recovery

Any person who has suffered from drug or alcohol addiction may find balance to be the key to achieving long term recovery. It may pose a heavy challenge as well. Addiction is a disease which involves being off-balance with extreme highs and lows. Learn to seek solid ground when focusing on recovery from addiction.

Protective Mechanism

Addiction is a disease that demands more of people including:

  • More time
  • More happiness
  • More excitement
  • More pleasure
  • More love
  • More pleasurable feelings
  • More, more more….

Those who struggle with addiction find the experience of feeling good all the time and seeking to feel that pleasurable sensation will be a struggle as the person discovers ways through drugs and alcohol to numb the pain. Life revolves around the use of artificial experiences and substances to protect the person from pain.

Seeking Balance

A person who wrestles with recovery principles has to understand a life of balance will keep highs and lows in check. Without the help of a substance. It is important to understand no one person can avoid painful feelings and memories. This intensity of good feelings through substance isn’t healthy and running from feelings is no longer an option. Understanding the following can be helpful:

  • Balance is a process
  • Learning to live in recovery takes time and life is never in full balance. The universe moves, rotates, shifts and takes shape minute by minute so humans surely are not expected to be in perfect alignment at all times
  • Obsess less and strive more for progress than perfection
  • Find small accomplishments
  • Break up life’s daily tasks into small, manageable steps to help find balance and a sense of accomplishment. Cleaning up the mess made will take time and building a sober life takes one step at a time
  • Develop realistic goals and a weekly schedule to reduce anxiety. This will help a person stay on task as well.
  • Self care is critical in recovery and looks different for everyone. The keys is to finding what works for each individual.
  • Creating balance in one’s social life is about finding sober friends to hang out with and not pursuing friendships which are toxic or with those who keep using substances
  • Saving money and doing a budget will help to get focused and on track again towards financial success
  • Ask for help

Recovery is a state of mind. A focused balance will require time but it is possible to achieve a level of success in recovery from finding time for oneself, others and life even if finding the right balance takes time (it is worth it).

The Villa helps people find balance in life through key principles focused on sober and clean living without substances. Call us to find out how we can help you achieve your personal goals of being in better harmony and balance without the use of alcohol or drugs.