Fun Hobbies for Adolescents in Recovery

Fun Hobbies for Adolescents in Recovery

When a teen decides to quit drinking or using drugs and completes rehab, it is time for recovery. Recovery is a lifelong process and is far from a boring experience. Being clean and sober may seem dull at first after all of the ups and downs addiction can bring but life lived in sobriety can be fulfilling, exciting and extremely rewarding. Learn some healthy, fun hobbies to explore in recovery to keep things interesting and stay focused on sobriety.


Start a List

One of the best ways to start looking for new hobbies in recovery is to make a list. Think back to being a child and what the most fun activities were to explore. The list does not have to be exhaustive, it really should be focused on things that a person liked to do before addiction took hold or activities an individual wants to explore in this new season of life. Here’s how to get started:

  • Write down things which are fun
  • Write down things where some skills exist
  • Find something fun to put mind and body to use doing
  • Prioritize a few of them and go try some activities before fully committing


Get a Hobby

Many people worry about not having anything of interest to pursue with all the free time that seems to appear in recovery. Spending time with positive hobbies that are uplifting can provide some serious benefits to a person’s mind, body and soul. Here’s what to look for:

  • Check into solo activities or sports (individual lessons, for example)
  • Explore clubs or group sports activities to meet people and have fun
  • Join a hobby group who shares interests in stamp collecting, classic cars, etc
  • Woodworking, cooking, cabinetry and home decorating can be fun, enjoyable ways to spend time by oneself doing a positive activity, join a group who shares the same interests or invite people over to join
  • Travel to new places nearby or try even further away. Experience life from a fresh, new perspective and meet new people along the way


Tips to Get Started

Finding a new hobby can feel daunting along with all the other things happening in recovery. Teens especially may struggle to find where to belong after leaving friends behind who may still be using drugs or alcohol or trigger use. Teens need friends to build a support network and provide spaces to belong. Learning to laugh, have fun and enjoy life is essential to recovery, especially for teens. Creative hobbies such as music, writing, theatre or other programs can provide a positive, affirmative outlet where a teen can feel like he or she belongs to something good away from the pressure of drugs and alcohol. Discovery of healthy, fun activities can nurture something in a teen’s life that was missing before and during addiction. Likewise, the circle of friends can expand to include so many wonderful opportunities which will serve the adolescent for a long time to come.


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