Hard Drugs Could Soon be Turned in at Safe Spots

Hard Drugs Could Soon be Turned in at Safe Spots


Drug take-back programs are popping up to provide a safe space for individuals who use drugs to return paraphernalia for harder drugs such as cocaine and heroin. Previously, such programs were limited to prescription and pharmaceutical drugs only. Learn more about this program and how it can help individuals with addictions receive help.


Drug Program

States are seeking ways to lessen the impact of drugs on local communities. Drug use shatters lives and takes resources to build effective programs which support individuals with addiction. Take-back locations for illegal drugs will have a substance abuse counselor on site to guide individuals towards recovery and treatment options close to home. People are able to bring in drugs anonymously without consequences to encourage people to get rid of addictive substances and seek help.



Not everybody is excited about the drug take-back program. Law enforcement in particular is concerned about the unintended consequences of setting up sites for individuals to drop off drug paraphernalia. One of the challenges posed by law enforcement focuses on the idea of giving amnesty to people who turn in illegal drugs. Allowing a harder drug, such as heroin, to be included at take-back sites may seem logical for legislators and the Drug Enforcement Association (DEA) but rampant drug use may not be abated by the program alone.


Prescription Drug Use

The program presents a vital public safety and public health issue. Medicines which linger in a person’s bathroom cabinet can be abused and misused quite easily. Rates of prescription drug use in the United States have reached alarming levels with many drugs obtained from family and friends. Proper disposal is a challenge, which is why the drug take-back program was developed, to address how and where to dispose of old and unused medications.


Saving Lives

One of the reasons for development of the drug take-back program was to get prescription drugs off the street and disposed of safely. More people than ever are being impacted by addiction to opiates, painkillers and other prescription medication. Families and communities are being torn about by the crisis which led to creation of the program. Treatment centers are overwhelmed by the demand for help breaking free of prescription and other drug addictions. Take back programs not only cut abuse but also reduce theft and the stealing of prescription or other drugs which is a nationwide problem.


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