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Healing Meditation: How to Heal the Body with the Mind

Buddhist monks have used meditation for thousands of years to obtain a transcendental experience towards enlightenment. Meditation has been used recently to successfully treat disorders including depression, anxiety, addictions and chronic pain. Learn more about the power of meditation and how it can be used to heal the body.

Coping Mechanism

The brain has an amazing capacity to deal with many things happening all at once inside and outside the body. As people speed up and move at a faster pace, the brain struggles to keep up while maintaining balance. Meditation provides one pathway of dealing with life’s stresses and struggles by slowing down the body and mind to cope. To attain a perfect state of health, a person must remain mentally calm, steady and emotionally stable. The more clear a conscious mind becomes, the more balance will be achieved.

The following are some ways to explore the healing power of meditation:

Meditation increases prana (life energy)

Prana (vital life energy) forms the basis of health and well-being for mind and body. Meditation is an avenue through which to gain prana. When the body feels prana, alertness and energy are present. A lack of prana can present as lethargy, dullness or lack of enthusiasm for life.

Dealing with illness

The root of illness is thought to begin in the mind and consciousness. A clear mind can speed up physical recovery from illness including:

  • Overeating
  • Physical illness such as a cold virus
  • Release of past impressions or karma

Health and illness are part of physical nature but meditation can reduce stress, worry and anxiety about circumstances which provide a positive state of mind to cope effectively.

Clears the mind

When people are depressed, it creates emotional pollution. The words people speak can affect others’ states of mind. To find peace or joy, it helps to create a disruption to the pollution through meditation.  Meditation is the key to controlling emotional pollution by centering the body and mind, clearing out toxic thoughts and focusing on the present moment.

Spiritual transformation

Meditation can provide a pathway to spiritual transformation. As more is learned about life, the mystery of Creation unfolds. Questions may arise as to the purpose of life and, once the questions arise, the answers will not just appear. An individual can draw from personal experience to develop transformation through life’s challenges and become someone wiser as a result.

Just breathe

Healing breath is key to meditation. A breathing practice can become a potent energizer to oxygenate every cell in the body and flush toxic emotions or thoughts from the body. Tension is relieved and the body can relax. A more calm, centered mind can bring about a sense of joy to an individual and those who share space with the person. Meditation can, in this way, affect change outside of one’s personal domain into the surrounding world.


Meditation is one practice which helps center individuals in recovery from addiction. If you are looking for a practice or pathway out of addiction, call The Villa. We can help you find a new way to live with joy and vitality.