How Can I Let Go of Fear in Recovery?

Fear is a real stinker of an emotion. It drives addiction and keeps people from truly being happy in recovery. Overcoming this obstacle is a big challenge for people with addiction. Fear is a natural emotion people experience but sometimes an individual needs protection from this disabling emotion. Learn how to not let it ruin recovery.

Getting Stuck

One of the main reasons people get stuck in addiction is fear. Strong fears and being afraid can lead to drug and alcohol use. Addiction is a way to train the body and brain not to feel negative emotions or process traumatic experiences. Fear of recovery is the fear of not knowing how to cope with life when drugs or alcohol are absent. It is like a security blanket. It is necessary to overcome this obstacle to find a positive pathway to recovery.

Overcoming Fear

The pathway to overcoming fear means making positive decisions to get clean and sober. Once a person stops using substances, it is possible to overcome fear that exists in recovery so as not to let it happen again. The first step is to face fear head on. Acknowledge that it happens and find ways to get past it by avoidance when dealing with fear. To face the fear, it helps to identify the fear and face it. It may be a struggle to be honest with oneself about what is truly going on but it will be for the best in recovery. Facing fears can also be done by writing down feelings or keeping a journal. Sometimes people need help with a therapist or 12 step program to identify what is going on and move past the barrier.

Seeking Help

It is not a weakness to seek help when fear becomes overwhelming. Therapists work with individuals to overcome fear all the time. Support and training the brain over again to rethink old habits and ways of being will help in this. Belief in a Higher Power or spirituality can help with this as well (giving up control). Learning to take things one day at a time is a way of coping. Mindfulness is also another tactic so perhaps a person can take control of fear and not let it control the person.


Do not let fear take over. Fear is a bully but The Villa can help. We will support your journey every step of the way from fear to freedom. Call us to find out how we can help you navigate fears of being sober so you can own your life again.