How Can Vipassana Meditation Help My Recovery?

Substance abuse is an issue that is growing for many families across the globe. There are many components to addiction but one way to support an individual in recovery is to provide opportunities for meditation, peace and calming of the mind, body and spirit. Vipasanna is one way to help aid individuals in recovery.

Nature of Addiction

Addiction begins as a pleasurable experience that starts with chasing pleasant feelings and pushing away anything unpleasant. The person experiences a huge risk by compulsively seeking a high or pleasurable sensation repeatedly which only seeks to intensify the experience produced by drugs. Addiction thus becomes a lifestyle habit and goals, health and other things begin to suffer as a result of chasing something that is only fantasy.

Meditation for Recovery

Seeking support for addiction is not an easy path. Once an individual locates the appropriate place to seek treatment, the long road to recovery begins. Taking the journey down this road can feel mentally and physically draining. One of the best ways to bring calmness and peace of mind in the process is through meditation. The deepest level of the mind is constantly in contact with bodily sensations. As awareness develops of sensations in the body, addiction can then begin to fade slowly away to allow space for the brain and body to heal.

The interrelation of mind and matter is the key to Vipassana meditation. Observation of sensations provides a means to examine the totality of one’s being, physical and mental. When a person with addiction understands that observing oneself at the level of sensation is the key to coming out of addiction, and works on sensations within the meditation, he or she can begin recovery. Progress takes time and a strong will to orient oneself towards that level of consciousness.

How it Works

Vipassana works in some of the following ways to help stabilize the person with addiction, provide understanding and motivate the individual to stay clean after treatment.

  • Suppressed feelings and unpleasant sensations will rise up but it is important to not be overtaken by them
  • Accept reality and the sensations it brings (both negative and positive) and learn to eliminate the desire to run away from the negative to embrace life as a holistic experience
  • Seek to overcome the suppressed feelings and sensations arising out of the unconscious mind with a healthy perspective
  • Purification of the mind and spiritual transformation are ones that continue over the life span and are not achieved in just one sitting, one meditation or one experience with Vipassana

The power of peers, family and others for support cannot be denied. As a comprehensive program for recovery, an individual can learn to incorporate meditative practices into one’s life and find ways of building on it in daily existence to help heal old wounds and come out of a life of addiction to thrive in recovery.

The Villa believes in people’s ability to be resilient no matter their past circumstances. If you struggle with addiction, now is the best time to seek help. Call us to find out how we can help support you on the journey to recovery.