How do I Tell My Family I’m Addicted?

How do I Tell My Family I’m Addicted?

Accepting that you’re addicted is difficult. Denial is a very strong crutch that addicts use to confront wellwishers and hide their problem, particularly from friends and family.


However, there comes a time when an addict has to break the news of his addiction to his near and dear ones. This coming clear on your travails may not exactly be news for them. Addicts don’t do a particularly good job at hiding their condition.


Addiction is not something that can be kept under wraps; changes in your health, appearance, and social interactions cannot go unnoticed. So, when you approach your family to inform them of your issues with substance abuse, you may work with the presumption that they already know about it. And if you hark back to your interactions with them, it may strike you that they have actually tried to broach the subject with you, but you rebuffed their efforts.


Your honesty will make it easier for them to accept your revelation; do not argue about your attempts to deny your condition. It will only hurt them. You can get the recovery process going by having the family on your side. And, being truthful is the best way to ensure that they are there for you.


You need to be prepared for some emotional communication or utterances by your family members; they love you and it would have hurt them to see you as an addict. Approach the event in a sober state. Go over the conversation in your mind, or discuss with a friend. This will help you prepare sensible and rational answers to matters that may come up as a result of your family’s pain and frustration with your addiction.


Assure the family that you will pursue recovery sincerely and that you are aware of what is expected of you. Apologise for your past conduct, and mean it. It should come across as a sign that you intend to move ahead from addiction.


If you have gathered information about addiction treatment programs, then talk about this with your family. You don’t need to have all the details at that moment or be able to answer all the questions. The very fact that you know what’s required will be hugely assuring for your family.


Your family is your support system, it loves you and wants to see you happy. You can help yourself by coming clear about your state with the family. Things will then move forward in the right direction for you.


If you wish to gather information about your treatment options before you talk to your family, then The Villa Treatment Center can help you. We can even explain all there is to know about your addiction to your family. Call us. 1-818-639-7160