Percocet Addiction Treatment

How Do You Treat a Person with Percocet Addiction?

The mix of acetaminophen and oxycodone is sold as Percocet, a branded medicine prescribed as an analgesic. Regardless of whether you use Percocet as a  recreational drug or under prescription, withdrawal will occur if you stop taking the drug after continuous use for a month.

This article explores Percocet withdrawal symptoms, their effects, and the best way to treat Percocet addiction.

Percocet blocks pain by working on the opiate pain receptors in the brain. Percocet also has a mood-altering effect, which is why it is abused for the feeling of high it gives. Addicts who have been abusing Percocet for long find it difficult to cope with withdrawal. The body’s nervous system alters its functioning to accommodate the depressant effects of Percocet and begins to accept the presence of Percocet as normal. Discontinuation of Percocet results in the body reacting by sending out withdrawal symptoms.

The intensity and duration of withdrawal is linked to the duration of use. Percocet withdrawal symptoms can be likened to having the flu and stomach flu at the same time. A person who is physically dependent on Percocet may have to undergo a physically uncomfortable and mentally disturbing withdrawal. Percocet withdrawal symptoms include fear, listlessness, tachycardia, palpitations, loss of sleep, tingling in the limbs, and irritable conduct.

It is; however, possible to minimize the effects of Percocet withdrawal and make the experience more manageable. Experts at a recovery center can prescribe medicine that can reduce the length of the withdrawal period and give relief from the symptoms. Nalotxone and Buprenorphine are commonly prescribed to alleviate the symptoms of Percocet withdrawal.

Massage and acupuncture are two alternative forms of treatment that can help with countering the pain and lethargy that accompanies Percocet withdrawal. Natural remedies for flu and stomach upset include ginger tea and peppermint tablets. Hot baths give relief from muscle pain.

A detoxification plan can help eliminate Percocet from the system. Implemented under medical supervision, it may involve giving prescription medicine to the subject.

It is advisable to initiate withdrawal by gradually reducing the dose of Percocet. This mitigates the severity of the associated symptoms and makes tolerance that much easier to navigate. It also reduces the chances of a relapse, which are higher with the cold turkey approach.

Decreasing Percocet dosage at the rate of around 25% each week can even keep withdrawal symptoms at bay. Dropping the dosage to less than 50% may cause the symptoms to appear. People with mild dependence on the drug and a strong support system to fall back on may consider the cold turkey approach. Otherwise, a tapered approach, though longer, is the preferred method to overcome Percocet withdrawal.

Sometimes Percocet addiction is accompanied by underlying psychological issues. Successful withdrawal can occur only when these issues are also addressed. The Villa Treatment Center understands that every addiction needs to be treated as an individual condition. Our trained recovery experts can guide you in charting an effective Percocet de-addiction plan. Call us. 1-818-639-7160.