How Does a Drug Rehab Alumni Program Work?

A person who successfully completes a program for drug addiction has reason to celebrate the big accomplishment. The real work of recovery, however, begins when a person leaves rehab to transition back into a daily routine. Learn more about how an alumni program can help a person stay clean and sober after treatment.


Rehab Aftercare

Enrollment in a supportive aftercare program can increase a person’s chances of success post rehab. Participation in an alumni program is one place to go in order to successfully transition with ease. Although many options exist, the alumni program differs from others and have become increasingly popular for individuals who recently completed drug rehabilitation.

Alumni Program

The main goal of a drug rehab alumni program is to bolster a person’s recovery through maintained connection and activity with a recovery community. This is done through the treatment facility a person attended. Individuals who are new in recovery are able to connect with people who have experienced long term recovery and have completed addiction treatment. Recovery must have been sustained for a period of time outside of the initial program.

Getting Started

Once a residential-based treatment program is completed and an alumni program is joined, an individual will receive services and support. It is then possible to reach out to an extensive network of former graduates and other like-minded individuals who can help empower the individual to keep working towards a healthy recovery. Alumni programs provide a safe environment with a sense of community among new and former graduates. Some alumni groups typically do the following:


  • ·         Host regular sober, social events
  • ·         Conduct meetings once or twice a week
  • ·         Share stories with one another
  • ·         Provide a supportive network


Each individual program differs and may meet more or less frequently. Alumni directors are in charge of planning sober events for members such as picnics, bowling and movie nights. The goal is to connect and build long-lasting relationships with one another to maintain sobriety. An alumni director also follows a person’s progress via email, text and phone to ensure recovery is going well and offer support for individuals who are struggling.


Supportive Community

The alumni program works by enabling individuals to use life and coping skills for better communication. Interpersonal skills are an important part of sober living post treatment. Confidence will grow in a person’s own recovery through building meaningful, long-lasting relationships with others in recovery while learning from life experience along the way. Recovery resources are provided and encouragement is freely given to graduates of the treatment facility who need additional support in recovery. An individual in recovery may feel lonely but with the help of an alumni program, opportunities abound to get connected, enjoy life and maintain sobriety with a little help from friends.


One of the first steps to treatment is recognizing the need exists. Don’t hesitate to join others who have started the journey. Call The Villa for more information on how we can help you meet your goal of sobriety.