Try These Healthy Coping Mechanisms Instead of Drugs

How Does Someone Overcome Addiction?

Addictions come in many forms whether it is drugs, alcohol, sex, food or something else. People with addiction experience things in excess which can take away focus from enjoying other areas of life to the fullest. Learn some strategies to overcome addiction and kick the habit for good.



Nearly all people experience something done in excess. Family history’s may play out several factors where members experienced addictive behavioral patterns, extreme workaholic personalities or other variations of excessive living and addiction. This all plays a part in how an individual experiences life in the present.


Getting it Together

Individuals who want to learn how to pull all the pieces together can try the following steps to identify a strategy for overcoming addictive patterns.


Self Evaluation

Pride states it is important to ‘have it all together.’ Breaking down this stereotype, which can lead to stress, mental and physical fatigue and eventually a life of excess, it helps to ask oneself a question. A person may start by asking why it feels important to have it all together. Once this question is posited, it leaves the door open for self reflection and evaluation.


Ask Deeper Questions

Breaking down obstacles can be helpful by asking the following questions.

  • What is needed to grow?
  • What can be learned to better oneself for the future?
  • How can a person strengthen mind, body and spirit in a healthy way?
  • How can a person be surrounded by better influences?
  • Where can a person find an accountability partner to better oneself?
  • What are some goals to strive towards?


Powerful self questioning can condition the mind to accept better, more healthy avenues of experiencing life, thus leading to a stronger sense of self. It is possible to turn limitations into power for living a life that is meaningful.


Ask for Help

Moving forward past addictions may be challenging but it helps to be honest with oneself and to seek help when needed. Getting rid of pride and asking for help can be the first step towards breaking away from excess in life and lead away from addictive behavioral patterns. Help comes in many forms from counseling to community support from family, friends and loved ones. It is helpful to consider what type of help is most useful for the individual as each person will thrive under different circumstances. Never be afraid to be vulnerable and ask what is needed in the moment to thrive in life. Positive coping mechanisms will help curb excess lifestyle behaviors and keep the focus on the here and now.


Just because a person lives excessively does not mean addiction is imminent. If you or a loved one struggle to find balance in life, it may be time to seek help. Call The Villa to find out how we can support your journey back to healthy living.