How is Oxycontin usually abused?

How is OxyContin Usually Abused?

Prescription OxyContin comes with warnings about how to take this drug. Manufacturers are required by the FDA to print these warnings. OxyContin should not be cut, broken, crushed, or chewed. You should never take more than the dose prescribed. Let us understand why.

Being an opiate, OxyContin can stimulate the pleasure centers of the brain and get you high. However, abusing Oxycontin comes with its own set of risks. OxyContin abuse leads to a tolerance for the drug. This results in consuming OxyContin in higher doses to achieve the high. Addiction follows and can lead to the subject experimenting with stronger drugs. Withdrawal from OxyContin can be a stressful experience.

It is important to understand that OxyContin can be abused and that it is indeed a habit-forming drug. The drug can lead to physical as well as psychological dependence. Once the stage of psychological dependence is reached, you are well and truly addicted to this drug. Withdrawal then becomes a challenge. But it has to be met if you wish to recover your physical health and mental well being.

OxyContin abuse is difficult to control because the drug is easy to obtain. Even though this is a prescription drug, you can easily purchase it online or on the black market. OxyContin abuse happens when you stray from the prescribed mode of taking this drug. When consumed orally, the drug works as a pain reliever. However, injecting it into the bloodstream or snorting it results in the euphoria-inducing properties of the drug being activated. OxyContin is also abused by combining it with other substances such as alcohol or cocaine. This increases the intensity of the high that addicts crave.

Abusing OxyContin releases a large amount of oxycodone into the body. The mode and frequency of taking OxyContin affects your chances of contracting disease or overdosing from this drug. OxyContin abuse can result in coma, liver damage, tiredness, heart attack, feeble breathing, constipation, and accidental overdose. As with all forms of drug abuse, OxyContin abuse extracts a heavy toll of the abuser’s personal and professional life. Financial difficulties follow and interpersonal relationships suffer.

Abusers try to take advantage of the fact that OxyContin is a prescription drug and may often succeed in hiding their addiction. There are certain signs and symptoms that will strongly suggest addictive behavior. These include taking OxyContin in a forbidden manner, appearing fatigued, avoiding contact, taking the drug in high doses, obtaining it illegally, taking OxyContin in a cocktail of drugs, and not paying attention to personal appearance.

Physical dependence on OxyContin is easier to control than full-blown addiction. If any of the above signs are noticed then these must be brought to the notice of friends and family, and where appropriate to the concerned authorities.

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