How Addicts Lie to Themselves

How People Lie to Themselves to Avoid Treatment

Addiction is powerful and difficult to overcome without the support and help of loved ones. Individuals with addiction often fight the label of addiction because of a long held belief addiction is a weakness or perceived moral failing. Unfortunately, this false belief can keep individuals from seeking much needed treatment. Here are the ten common lies people believe to minimize addiction.

  • I Can Quit Anytime

One of the most common claims by individuals with alcoholism or addiction is the ability to quit anytime. The sentiment may be very honest, but reality suggests many are not able to quit without support.

  • Drinking is Due to Stress

>Excessive drinking and drug use is not caused by stress. It is rather an excuse for the individual to continue drinking or using drugs and not cope with the real issue at hand.

  • My Addiction Doesn’t Affect Anyone Else

Nothing is further from reality than this sentiment. Sometimes dangerous activities happen such as driving while intoxicated. Drug addiction and alcoholism take an enormous toll on individuals, families and society at large.

  • Drinking Only Happens on Weekends

Binge drinking is a common form of alcoholism which tends to be accompanied by more denial than with daily drinkers. A person does not have to drink daily to have a problem with alcohol.

  • DUI was Unfair or it Was Not That Bad

DUIs are very serious as a person under the influence is driving a lethal weapon around (car) which can injure or kill people.Individuals with alcoholism tend to have poor judgment and an inability to make good, wise decisions.

  • A Doctor’s Prescription Can’t Be Bad

Not all doctors are mindful of prescriptions handed out to patients. Patients are also not always honest with doctors. Taking too many mood-altering drugs can be very risky and a warning something is wrong.

  • Alcoholics Drink in the Morning

An old myth, similar to ‘only-drinking-on-weekends’ myth, the notion a person who is alcoholic drinks in the morning is a fallacy. When a person drinks is secondary to how much drinking occurs, how it affects behavior and how hard it is to remain abstinent from drinking.

  • People Drink More than This So Everything is OK

Making comparisons of one person’s drinking habits over another is a trap for some people. The biggest concern needs to be on how much alcohol impacts an individual’s life.

  • Showing Up for Work Everyday on Time is a Sign All is Fine

A high-functioning individual with alcoholism may get away with substance abuse for quite some time undetected. Being able to hold a job, have money, a family and lifestyle that seems carefree does not guarantee all is well.

  • Drinking Beer and Wine (not hard stuff) Means Alcoholism is Not an Issue

Individuals with substance abuse problems tell lies all the time to justify drinking habits. What a person drinks is not as important as how much and the impact it has on one’s personal life and family.

Lying to oneself and family members can be exhausting. It may also have deadly consequences. If you are tired of running away from the truth or lying to cover up a potentially deadly addiction, the Villa is here to help. Call us to find out how we can help you get started on the road to recovery.