How Should I Deal with Suicidal Thoughts?

Many people may experience suicidal thoughts at some point but feeling suicidal is not a character defect or make a person weak. It merely means there is a lot going on in a person’s life that needs support. The pain may be overwhelming and feel permanent but help is available.

Suicidal Thoughts

No matter how much pain is being experienced, don’t feel alone. Some of the most admired and talented people experience the distressing thoughts and feelings of suicide being the only way out. No matter the situation it helps to be reminded that life is worth living. It takes courage to face death and step back from everything. Use the courage it takes to face life with coping skills that help overcome depression and find strength to keep going.

  • Remember emotions are not fixed and are constantly changing
  • Absence would mean a great deal of grief and pain for those left behind
  • Many things are left to be accomplished yet in life so it is not worth the risk
  • The experiences of joy and happiness are not to be missed but may take time to get back round to
  • Ability to experience pleasure is equal to ability to experience pain

Why it Happens

Many kinds of emotional pain can lead to thoughts of suicide. The reasons are unique to each person and the ability to cope differs person to person. Some common causes may lead people to experience suicidal thoughts and feelings.

The only option

When a person is suicidal it is not that other options do not exist, it is just harder to see them. Emotional pain takes over and distorted thinking makes it harder to see possible solutions or problems. Therapists, counselors, friends or loved ones can help a person see solutions which may otherwise not be apparent.

Only temporary

It may seem as if the pain will last forever but it is important to realize crises are usually temporary. Solutions can be found when suicide is seen as a temporary state of mind and a problem that has some solutions. Giving oneself time to work through the pain is worth it.

Taking Action

The following steps can be helpful when trying to decipher the best course of action moving forward following suicidal thoughts.

  • Promise not to do anything in the moment. Put some distance between thoughts and action. Wait 24 hours then try a few days and then a week. Thoughts and actions are two different things. There is no deadline, nobody pushing. Wait and put distance between thoughts and action
  • Stay away from drugs or alcohol which may exacerbate symptoms
  • Make the home a safe environment without objects or things which may cause an individual to overdose
  • Don’t keep feelings hidden from others. Find a trusted family, friend, advisor or counselor and seek help immediately.
  • Stay hopeful that things will get better

Reaching Out

Many people want to support an individual through a crisis. As long as this person is trusted and listens with compassion, it is worth reaching out. Share exactly what is going on and do not be vague. Express what is on the heart and mind, even if it is difficult to divulge. It may help to write it down and hand a note to the person or email and text to let that trusted person know help is needed.

You do not have to struggle alone. Suicidal ideation is challenging but we can help you overcome the negative thinking. Call The Villa if you are in distress and we will seek to provide support, resources and tools for getting back on track.