How to Help Someone with an Adderall Addiction

The first question is can one help an Adderall addict to quit? Technically, no. There is no use trying to force or coerce an individual with an addiction to quit the drug or go into treatment. Being addicted to any drug changes brain function, and that can make it difficult for an individual addicted to Adderall to break away from it and find treatment.

It is important to remember that addiction is a complicated condition. Many factors play a role in addiction, such as past traumatic experiences and unresolved psychological or emotional issues.

So, how can one start a conversation with a loved one who is addicted to Adderall? What resources are available?

Enabling an Adderall Addict

Addiction doesn’t only affect the individual with an addiction, but it also has an impact on the people around them. Often, people enable the behavior of addicts without realizing what they’re doing. Loved ones bite their tongues so as not to say anything, or continuously make allowances for the individual’s behavior. Other enabling actions may be lending the individual money so that they can buy more Adderall.

Helping an Adderall Addict

Not being an enabler is the best way to help an individual with addiction. When the individual’s family participates in the recovery process, it leads to the individual having a better chance at maintaining their recovery. There are also practical ways to help the individual with an addiction. One can make phone calls to find out about treatment options. Or be supportive when the individual is seeking treatment. One could also turn to groups such as Narc-Anon for help on how to repair or re-configure the relationship with the individual.

Self Help

Is it possible for an individual with an addiction to quit and deal with the consequences on their own? It’s possible, but it’s not usually the cause. Tapering is the best way to start quitting the drug, before cutting it out altogether. And to do that, the individual should consult a medical professional.

Apart from medications to help the tapering process, there is also behavioral treatment that can be useful, such as group therapy and support groups. This kind of therapy helps the individual with an addiction identify the underlying cause of their drug use.

Having made the decision to give up the drug and wanting to get help can be overwhelming. So where to start? The following are some suggestions:

  • Find a counselling office to get referrals for multiple resources to help treat an Adderall addiction.
  • Talk with a psychologist or social worker.
  • A doctor is a good first point of contact. Doctors can advise on a tapering schedule or even recommend alternative medications.

Remember that there is no one way to treat an Adderall addiction, as each individual has their own unique needs. There are many ways to treat an addiction, and the best course of action is one that is specifically catered for the individual.

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