How to Shift Your Attitude Towards Gratitude

More often than not, many people struggle to find a balance between complaining about the small things that happen in life and being grateful for the smallest things in life. It is a fine line to shift towards an attitude of gratitude. Learn how to make that shift happen away from the stress and anxiety of life and towards a healthier, more positive outlook.

Shifting Towards Gratitude

Gratitude puts the events of a person’s life on display and in perspective. By viewing the good in balance with the bad, people are more able to move past the complaints and break through blockages which may have formed as a result of negativity. Giving thanks to family and friends as well as good things in life allows people to feel free of what feels challenging and accept the goodness all around. Here are a few pointers to help get the ball rolling if you are working on a shift towards an attitude of gratitude.

Start a gratitude journal

Set aside a few moments of joy in the day to jot down 5 things to be grateful for in a journal. It may range from being thankful for waking up in the morning or that a person got to work on time. Feel the blessing that allows an individual to feel propelled towards greatness for the entirety of the day.

Stop and smell the flowers

Change the way the day looks just by stopping for a moment to smell the flowers. Find a tree, flower or other part of nature to stop by, soak in the gratitude and allow good feelings to flow. This will provide an opportunity to view stressful circumstances in a new, refreshing light.

Find the positive in negative circumstances

Take a moment to shift negative thoughts into something positive. Consider traffic, work or other stressful situations. Find a way to meditate or get into a calm state before or after dealing with the situations. Putting energy into more positive endeavors can help bring perspective to things that feel difficult to deal with in the moment.

Give up complaining

Set a new pattern by going an entire day without uttering a single complaint. Find one good thing among a dozen negatives to allow oneself transformational growth and power with the new attitude.

Compliment others

Share kindness and authentic praise with a friend or stranger. This not only spreads love, it is uplifting and pushes people to focus on the good about someone and builds valuable relationships. Integration of the actions of gratitude on a daily basis will provide a great space to feel thankful for each moment of each day.


Even in the midst of addiction, there is much to be grateful for. Family, friends and loved ones who offer support can help guide you towards sobriety. Call The Villa if you need extra support giving up addiction and finding joy again.