How Tolerance to Percocet Develops

When an individual needs to keep taking more Percocet for it to work, then they may have developed a tolerance to the medication. However, increased tolerance to Percocet is different from Percocet dependence. So what is Percocet tolerance and how long does it take to develop? Is Percocet detox necessary to change the body’s reaction to the drug?

Developing Percocet Tolerance

An individual who takes daily doses of Percocet develops a natural dependence on oxycodone for normal functioning. Over a period of time, this dependence expands into tolerance. Tolerance means that the individual needs to up their dose or take the medication more frequently in order to feel its effects. Some people may have a natural tolerance to oxycodone and may not be able to take Percocet at all. But how can one tell if they have a tolerance?

Tolerance Symptoms

The two common symptoms that denote a developed tolerance to Percocet are:

  1. The individual taking Percocet doesn’t feel any of its therapeutic effects. There is no pain relief. For individuals who take Percocet recreationally, there would be no euphoric effect.
  1. The doctor who prescribes the Percocet for the individual has to keep increasing the doses or the frequency of the doses in order to maintain the effect of pain relief.

But the presence of these symptoms doesn’t mean that the individual is addicted to Percocet, merely that the medication doesn’t work for the individual any longer. Tolerance, dependence and addiction are all separate.

How Long Does it Take to Develop a Tolerance?

This differs from person to person. Opioid analgesics are very potent, and because of that a tolerance to Percocet can develop as soon as over 2 to 3 weeks of continual use. This timeline can be even shorter if the medication is being used recreationally.

Percocet labels warn users not to exceed 12 immediate release pills a day. An individual who is taking more than 12 pills a day via prescription has a high tolerance to the medication.

Can Tolerance be Lowered?

It is possible to lower one’s tolerance to Percocet, but it is worth noting that the tolerance cannot be lowered back to the original base level. A certain level of tolerance will always be maintained as long as the individual is taking Percocet. If one wants to lower tolerance, then the best way to do so is under a doctor’s supervision. Then the individual can cut back on the amount or frequency of the medication, and slowly give the body time to lower its tolerance.

Those individuals who have a naturally high tolerance to Percocet may find it much more difficult to lower it. They may suffer from withdrawal symptoms. Again, seeking a doctor’s advice and supervision is the best way to figure out the optimum solution to manage pain and find alternatives.

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