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Is it Dangerous to Mix Alcohol and Heroin?

The risks and dangers of mixing heroin with alcohol are numerous. The body cannot cope with the side effects of heroin and alcohol at the same time. Find out what makes it so dangerous and what effects it has on the brain and body.

Heroin and Alcohol

Alcohol mixes with heroin in the body to create a chemical reaction. Heroin is a painkiller which is illegal to use or possess. The drug causes feelings of euphoria and an analgesic effect. Alcohol, on the other hand, is a legal depressant which slows down the central nervous system which may intensify the effects of heroin. Heroin and alcohol, when combined, may have an additive effect which causes both drugs to be stronger. An accidental overdose is possible along with alcohol poisoning. Some reported effects of using both alcohol and heroin simultaneously include numbness, lightheadedness and relaxation.

A Dangerous Mix

Serious adverse reactions may occur when a person mixes both alcohol and heroin. Both are central nervous system depressants which may have dangerous repercussions including:

  • Loss of consciousness
  • Shallow breathing
  • Impaired coordination
  • Overdose
  • Slowed or irregular heart rate
  • Tremors

Alcohol has a strong sedative effect when mixed with heroin. Drinking and use of heroin may cause trouble concentrating and difficulty with coordination. This may result in getting into an accident or injuring oneself. Greater intoxication from alcohol may result from mixing it with narcotics. Alcohol tolerance will always be lower than normally expected when mixed with central nervous system depressant drugs.


Heroin is extremely dangerous when mixed with alcohol. It is difficult to know what mix of potent, toxic chemicals may be together in heroin. Using heroin and alcohol is literally adding fuel to the fire and making matters worse. The combination of heroin and alcohol may suppress respiratory function which can cause the heart to stop beating entirely.

Safety First

It is not safe to drink while using heroin. The combination brings out the worst effects of both drugs. Heroin is not normally safe anyways but it is more lethal when combined with alcohol. The increased risk of side effects is not worth the repercussions. When considering whether it is worthwhile to use alcohol and heroin concurrently, think about the negative side effects and the reason for using both drugs. If an individual is considering using both drugs at the same time, it may be worth considering asking for help. Addiction is a serious condition which requires help and support to recover from fully. Heroin and alcohol are both addictive substances which can be lethal in combination. The first step in getting help is acknowledgement a problem exists. Once this happens, the road to recovery can begin.

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